BeyondTrust Retina CS Vulnerability Management Solution

BeyondTrust Retina CS Vulnerability Management Solution

BeyondTrust Retina CS Vulnerability Management Solution

Solution Earns Highest Marks for Customer Impact and Commitment to Innovation

BeyondTrust®, the global cyber security company dedicated to proactively eliminating data breaches from insider privilege abuse and external hacking attacks, today announced that the company’s Retina CS vulnerability management (VM) solution has earned Frost & Sullivan’s 2015 Enabling Technology Leadership Award for Vulnerability Management.

Upon choosing award recipients, Frost & Sullivan analysts independently evaluated two key factors—technology leverage and customer impact—and in both categories, BeyondTrust scored in the “Excellent” range, which is the highest score possible.

BeyondTrust’s Retina CS is a vulnerability management software solution that provides organizations with context-aware vulnerability assessment and risk analysis. Retina’s results-oriented architecture works with users to proactively identify security exposures, analyze business impact, and plan and conduct remediation across disparate and heterogeneous infrastructure. Over 10,000 customers worldwide rely on Retina to enable visible, measurable and actionable vulnerability management across their organizations.

“We have worked tirelessly over the years to make Retina CS an industry standard for vulnerability scanning and vulnerability management, and continue to evolve the technology based on the needs of our customers,”

said Kevin Hickey, president and CEO, BeyondTrust.

“This recognition from Frost & Sullivan not only further validates our ongoing efforts, but is a testament to how the marketplace views our leadership position and how we have been able to strategically achieve our vision of extending vulnerability management to include privileged account management for the ever-changing requirements of the modern enterprise.”

As stated in the Frost & Sullivan report, BeyondInsight is the logical engine that bridges PowerBroker privileged account management and Retina CS VM solutions. As such, BeyondInsight is a comprehensive asset and network protection platform. According to details in the report, here’s how BeyondTrust innovates:

Scan philosophy - BeyondTrust offers vulnerability management for assets, operating systems, and applications. Retina Network Security Scanner can be on premises or cloud based. The solution will identify vulnerabilities, missing patches (important in the remediation process), configuration weaknesses, and compliance best practices. “Zero-gap” means that the scan engine operates transparently across physical, cloud, mobile, and virtual environments.

Reporting - BeyondTrust uses a Microsoft SQL database to its full extent, including SSRS, SSAS and SSIS, as well as online analytical processing (OLAP) cubes for its data warehouse. The advantages of OLAP include the ability to query data in real time, enabling customers to isolate vulnerabilities and reveal how they affect end users. BeyondTrust has more than 280 pre-built reporting templates for compliance requirements as mandated by vertical industry specifications or government agencies.

Enterprise Vulnerability Management - The Retina CS console provides centralized management, reporting and analytics across the enterprise’s assets and endpoints. Retina CS includes Smart Rules to logically group, alert, report, assess, and govern under role-based access control (RBAC). Additionally, Retina CS can create a compliance scorecard, present risk ratings, and create reports on benchmarks and deviations. Targeted reports are available for audiences ranging from security and IT administrators to executives and compliance auditors.

Integration with other platforms - Retina CS can be integrated with pen-testing tools to check the efficiency of scanning and patching. Retina CS VM can ingest scan data from other VM scan engines, including Qualys, Tenable Network Systems and Rapid7, and ingest the data for reporting purposes and to harden the Retina scan engine. In fact, as more technologies are integrated with Retina CS VM, the platform is better able to deliver contextual awareness and minimize false positives.

“Traditional vulnerability management is scanning network infrastructure and endpoints for known vulnerabilities and configuration errors,”

said Christopher Kissel, industry analyst for Frost & Sullivan.

“BeyondTrust is a company that recognizes there is so much more that goes on in VM than the scan. In addition to scanning endpoints, BeyondTrust platforms can offer privileged access management, detect indicators of compromise in applications, and monitor transitions of users and assets in smart groups. Search capabilities and report generation are important characteristics of a successful VM platform, and BeyondTrust provides a Microsoft SQL database interface, allowing customers to have a historical as well as real-time querying capability.”

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