BeyondTrust announces new partnerships with three companies

BeyondTrust introduces partnership program for technology companies

BeyondTrust announces new partnerships with three companies

Respected access management solution providers enhance the BeyondTrust partner program and help organisations mitigate threats involving privileged access

BeyondTrust is pleased to announce KeyData, Novacoast and Sila Solutions Group as the newest additions to the BeyondTrust Partner Program.

These established identity and access management (IAM) and privileged access management (PAM) service providers are important additions to the BeyondTrust Partner Program, and contribute to BeyondTrust’s dedication to preventing privilege misuse and stopping unauthorised access.

The new partnerships come on the heels of the recent announcement of the BeyondTrust Managed Service Provider Program, which marked the first-ever PAM solution available for managed service providers to offer their customers. KeyData, Novacoast and Sila Solutions Group provide flexible managed services options, as well as custom-tailored engineering services to perform broad systems integration work, giving BeyondTrust customers more options to mitigate threats involving privileged credentials.

Rosa Caputo, CEO and Founder, KeyData Associates said:

“We look forward to working closely with both BeyondTrust and our clients in securing privileged access to critical assets by securing, managing and monitoring privileged accounts and their usage. As a Canadian leader in security advisory and systems integration services for IAM and PAM solutions, we further drive value for our clients through the integration of these two solutions. The enhanced transparency and accountability provided by BeyondTrust, affords our clients additional safeguards against security breaches and insider attacks.”

Paul Anderson, CEO, Novacoast said:

“We work tirelessly to deliver to our clients with the most complete and seamless responsive security systems, with top down strategy to protect our clients from CEO to end user. World-class PAM is a critical piece of this strategy, which is why we’ve partnered with BeyondTrust. Having PAM from BeyondTrust as part of our arsenal gives our clients more trustworthy security options to safeguard themselves from inevitable threats and broadens our ability to deliver the most seamless solutions.”

Tapan Shah, National Managing Director, Sila Solutions Group said:

“We view PAM as a critical part of our clients’ IAM strategy, and chose to partner with BeyondTrust as our PAM vendor, for that reason. BeyondTrust not only offers a cutting-edge PAM product to help our clients protect themselves from security breaches and insider attacks, but also provides an exceptional experience for partners and clients. Sila Solutions Group is focused on providing the best value-added services for BeyondTrust solutions, providing integrator services to help connect BeyondTrust to SailPoint at our client sites.”

Joseph Schramm, VP Strategic Alliances, BeyondTrust said:

“With a constantly changing threat landscape, including 80% of breaches involving privileges, organisations are continuously faced with the need to add additional security capabilities, while oftentimes not having additional staff to deploy and manage these solutions. Solution providers such as KeyData, Novacoast and Sila Solutions Group can help organisations improve their security posture in a sustainable way.”

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