Bespoke hydrogen powered CCTV system success in site theft prevention

BOC Hymera Hydrogen Generator Used By Oprema

BOC Hymera Hydrogen Generator Used By Oprema

A remote South Wales construction site is the grateful recipient of a hydrogen powered CCTV system which detected and prevented two attempted thefts in the first two weeks of installation. This innovative project involved South Wales installation company SECUREIT, Oprema Distribution and industrial gases and clean energy company BOC.

SECUREIT consulted with Oprema, distributor of security supplies, on the technical issues of setting up a remote monitoring system at an extremely remote construction site which had no power or access to power for the foreseeable future. Oprema’s technical director Tim Duggan set

about designing a three camera system incorporating a fully functional dome powered by BOC’s Hymera silent hydrogen generator. Oprema’s technical team designed the system bespoke to the requirement of SECUREIT and their client. The equipment specification included an especially designed low voltage PC to control and connect to SECUREIT’s monitoring station that was built and commissioned in-house at Oprema.

The BOC Hymera hydrogen generator was chosen to supply power because of its convenience, ease of use and environmentally friendly technology.  One cylinder of hydrogen lasts 7 days, making it more cost effective by reducing the amount of manned maintenance hours compared to a standard diesel or petrol generator. The only waste generated is water vapour, making it very low impact on the immediate environment.

Philip Popham, Managing Director of SECUREIT commented, “We are extremely impressed with how effective this project has been. We have been monitoring the system from our control room based in Cardiff since the 23rd December 2012 without experiencing any loss of power. We’ve successfully identified two attempted break-ins which were dealt with a satisfactory outcome.”

Oprema’s technical team worked closely with BOC and SECUREIT to ensure the systems was robust enough for the isolated location. The low voltage PC, control module and router were housed in a specially designed weather proof lockable box.

Tim Duggan, Technical Director of Oprema, “This was a very exciting bespoke project to work with SECUREIT on. It goes to show that no matter how difficult the location or the brief we always work hard to provide a solution that is viable and cost effective for our customers”.

Mark Griffin, Business Development Manager at BOC added: “This is a great example of how Hymera can provide economic and silent power for a remote location. In addition, the silent operation allowed the system to remain covert and was able to prevent two attempted break-ins on site.

Both Oprema and SECUREIT have said they would use Hymera for future projects in difficult locations.


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