Becatech’s CNI protection products integrate with CNL’s PSIM platform

CNL Software and Becatech form technology partnership
CNL Software and Becatech form technology partnership

CNL Software and Becatech form technology partnership

CNL Software, a world leader in Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software, is pleased to announce that it has formed a technology partnership with Becatech Systems, a global leader in the provision of services and solutions for the protection of Critical National Infrastructure (CNI), private estates and the Military and Peace Keeping Forces.

With over 20 years of experience developing and manufacturing high security sensors and panels, Becatech provides a unique range of products and services, and has been particularly successful with their solutions aimed at protecting drinking water from becoming a target for those with the intent of interfering with the water supply, or using it to create widespread panic and deaths within the civilian population.

The two companies will focus on integrating Becatech’s range of products designed to support CNI protection into the IPSecurityCenter™ PSIM platform.

“Our clients include the owners and operators of vital parts of the UK National Infrastructure, where a security breach can have wide reaching consequences, far beyond the site perimeter. Heat, light, power, water and communications are crucial to each and every one of us,” comments Simon Cross, Sales and Marketing Director, “Becatech has developed and deployed thousands of systems that protect this infrastructure from attack, be that a denial of service attack or something potentially more dangerous. We are now being asked to aggregate intelligence from our systems with other security infrastructure.”

“Within CNI there are numerous genuine alarm triggers such as authorized personnel, maintenance contractors and security patrols which are continuously passed to the control room. Responding to all of these events is unfeasible, so a method of quickly aggregating intelligence from all security systems is required to verify and prioritize each incident,” says Adlan Hussain, Marketing Manager at CNL Software.

“The ability to filter and prioritize different alarms significantly increases operational efficiency, and ensures faster response times, all leading to increased levels of security. Our partnership with Becatech will enable CNI control rooms to receive comprehensive alarm information, allowing the intelligent management of all alarms.

“We are delighted to have Becatech as a Technology Alliance Program (TAP) partner. As the leading PSIM software developer, one of our greatest strengths is our ability to allow end users to choose the best of breed technology, and to do this we work closely with other leading manufacturers like Becatech Systems.”


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