BCDVideo knows Networking

BCDVideo knows Networking

BCDVideo was founded in 1999 on the basic premise of bringing enterprise-quality, purpose-built IP video storage solutions to the security market.

In addition to delivering the best video surveillance products for the security industry, BCDVideo excels in proactive response and personal service. We guarantee excellence from project start to finish. Our award-winning products cover video servers, access control servers, client viewing stations, and networking.


BCDVideo provides risk insurance for integrators by pre-calculating and guaranteeing video storage recommendations to ensure all project needs are met. Using proven video technology, we customize the video surveillance system to provide the best solution for the project. Our surveillance storage solutions are engineered for zero downtime throughout the life of the security project. They are backed by a worldwide five-year, onsite warranty.

We proudly work with the world’s top security integrators. Additionally, all security solutions are certified by the top Video Management Software (VMS) and digital camera manufacturers. Our global footprint includes 20,000+ successful installations, spanning 40+ countries and countless verticals.

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