BCB showcase Buccaneer Lightweight Interceptor boat entrapment device


BCB International has developed a new device that can enable security teams to intercept, entrap and disable fast vessels used in narcotics trafficking, piracy or terrorist acts without using deadly force.

Cardiff-based military equipment manufacturer, BCB International Ltd, has developed the Buccaneer Lightweight Interceptor (BUC LWI) – a system which uses compressed air and interchangeable barrels to project floating entanglement lines and other vessel disabling projectiles.

BCB’s Marine Projects Manager, Jonathan Delf, said: “Ports, harbours and rivers are vital for World Trade. Criminal acts like trafficking, violent demonstrations and terrorism now makes the picture faced by security teams responsible for securing coastal and riverine waters more complex and unpredictable. There can be no room for human error when lethal force is used. No one wants a repeat of what happened last year when Italian Marines guarding the oil tanker, the Enrica Lexie, shot dead two Indian fishermen in the Indian Ocean they mistakenly believed to be pirates.

“The BUC LWI is an ideal non-lethal solution because it can fit inside Rigid Inflatable Boats used by security teams and stop in its tracks a suspicious vessel travelling up to 40 knots without the unnecessary loss of life”.

BCB will be displaying the BUC LWI at the Home Office Security Exhibition, which is currently underway in Farnborough, at its Stand (E4) at the FIVE (Farnborough International Venue & Events)



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