Basler unveils new director of sales in the USA

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Darren Buleson – Director of Sales in the USA

Digital camera specialist Basler has appointed Darren Burleson as a new director of sales, responsible for Basler’s camera customers in North and South America.

Burleson has over 15 years of experience in industrial sales and sales management. As Director of Sales for XP Power, Burleson was responsible for managing a sales team selling power supplies to OEM’s throughout the Eastern US and Canada. The first eight years of his career he was with AT&T and Lucent. Burleson has already called on some of the same customers that Basler serves and is familiar with Basler’s sales processes.

“We are all very eager for Darren to join our team. He brings in strong analytical sales skills and an agreeable style which will fit in extremely well with our culture“, said John P. Jennings, CCO, Basler, Inc.

“I am very excited to have the opportunity to join the Basler team. The company offers a trusting working environment with an emphasis on long-term thinking. Moreover, Basler faces attractive opportunities in the camera market. They provide the widest product range in the industry, and the high quality cameras combine modern design and strong technologies. This is an excellent opportunity for growth “ said Darren Burleson, Director of Sales, Basler, Inc.

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