Barrier protection is an essential feature of any car park security solution

Car park barrier securityThere are a range of security systems available to protect a car park. Dependent on the individual site requirements and the level of threat, there is a lot that needs to be considered. One feature that most car parks need to contemplate is some form of barrier protection. 

ATG Access is one company that provides barrier protection services to a number of car parks, and Lucy Foster, Marketing Executive is keen to highlight the importance of barrier security.

“Car park security is of paramount importance to aid the management and safety of an area,” she said. “Rising arm barriers and ticketing systems control access in and out of busy car parks and help collect revenue for the service. If the car park is purely for residents and needs completely restricting from pedestrians and unwanted passers-by, speed gates are the barrier of choice, completely stopping anyone from entering a car park unless authorised.”

Foster added, “Bollards are ideal for commercial car parks and smaller areas as they keep an area open and approachable for pedestrians but still restrict vehicles from accessing an area after hours. Pedestrian safety within a car park also needs to be considered with walkways and bollards to segregate vehicles from people successfully.”

ATG offer a comprehensive range of solutions, as do Frontier Pitts.

Based in Crawley, Sussex, Frontier Pitts is a leader in perimeter security equipment and its complete range of products and services comes from decades of experience. The company offers full project management capability, including design, manufacture, civil and electrical services, site surveys, installation, spare parts, refurbishment and fully comprehensive customer services. Constant product research and development ensures continuing quality improvements in manufacturing and dedicated customer service.

Sally Osmond, Brand and Development Manager, highlights the key aspects of their solutions: “Frontier Pitts has a solution to suit any need, from automatic drop arm barriers, including the British manufactured popular FBX model which secures widths up to six metres and delivers cost-effective traffic management for high-usage applications in low-to-medium security environments. The company’s market-leading FBX Automatic Barrier is ideally suited for controlling constant access to and from car parks and premises.”

Frontier Pitts also manufactures an extensive range of sliding gates that offer complete control over vehicle access to vulnerable areas. The company’s solid, fully welded steel gates offer obvious benefits over less robust aluminium construction, while an industry-leading finishing process gives a BS5493 20-year protection.

The company’s family of sliding gates ranges from simple, manually-operated units suitable for infrequent use, through to fully-automated systems designed for continuous operation. Designed for continuous use, the LoTRACKER is available for apertures of up to 15 metres wide.

The High Security range includes the PAS68-rated Terra Gates which have been successfully impact tested for Hostile Vehicle Mitigation. The threat level will depend on the asset on site, which will determine whether a HVM solution is required.

ATG Access Website
Frontier Pitts Website

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