Bardon Concrete deploys Vista cameras to over 100 sites across the UK

Bardon Concrete
Bardon Concrete

Bardon Concrete

One of the UK’s leading ready-mixed concrete producers, Bardon Concrete, has recently chosen to deploy Vista cameras and recording equipment at each of its 120 sites.

Located across the UK, the company’s sites manufacture and distribute quality concrete products to building projects; ranging from housing estates and office blocks, to large engineering projects, such as bridges, stadiums and airports.

Supplying an effective security, Health & Safety and site management solution, The CCTV Company has installed a mix of Vista VVRD2V6CM colour/mono dome cameras connected to a Vista SmartDisk VLS-10DR and VLS-DR500 500Gb hard disc drive at each site. All cameras at the sites are recorded in real-time, 24/7, and both live and recorded footage can be viewed remotely via a dedicated Wide Area Network. Alongside specifying, installing and maintaining the massive Bardon Concrete surveillance solution, The CCTV Company is also responsible for out-of-hours monitoring, via their own central control room.

System success
John Whelan, Technical Director at The CCTV Company explains: “Tackling the large number of similar sites to secure, we developed a blueprint format of security products to achieve our goals. Environments for concrete and asphalt processing and distribution can be harsh for cameras and CCTV infrastructure, so we needed a high-performance product with a proven reliability record, and the reassurance of a quality aftersales service.”

The powerful CCTV images are used to monitor all site activity and have proved vital across a number of areas, as John Whelan continues. “From a security point of view, the high-quality images have proved their worth on many occasions. We have alerted the police directly from our central control room to a number of incidents at plants around the country. These have included minor break-ins that saw Bardon Concrete’s diesel tanks, used to fuel on-site machinery, targeted by thieves. Review of the detailed CCTV footage meant we were able to identify the culprits.”


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