Bank on Complete Security With New Surveillance Camera

panasonic surveillance camera

panasonic surveillance cameraPanasonic is introducing super dynamic face recognition to its range of vandal resistant network ATM cameras.

The WV-SW115 features a 104” wide-viewing angle and a discreet design to meet surveillance requirements in banking, as well as retail and hospitality applications.

The compact camera is highly impact-resistant and waterproof, promising the durability to withstand the most challenging weather conditions and threats from vandals.

The Super-Dynamic HD function offers high-sensitivity and improved image clarity, with enhanced face recognition in strong back light conditions such as the entrance to shops and banks. The camera is also enabled with 24-hour day and night functionality.

Gerard Figols, European Product Manager for Panasonic Security Systems, said, “The WV-SW115 is a valuable addition to Panasonic’s current fixed dome network camera line up. The camera records 720p HD images at up to 30 frames per second, meaning that end users will have greater peace of mind and confidence that their premises are operating a security system that adds real value.”

The camera has an SDHC/SD memory card slot for manual recording and backup in the event of network failure. The camera offers multiple H.264 (high profile) streams and JPEG streams, delivering simultaneous real-time monitoring and high resolution recording.

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