Bad light doesn’t stop surveillance at Headingley Cricket Ground


Raytec Infra-Red LED illuminators have been installed at Headingley Cricket stadium, home of Yorkshire County Cricket Club, to reduce crime and improve visitor safety during the busy season.

High performance RAYMAX Infra-Red lighting was chosen to provide wide angle, invisible illumination for the stadium’s dome cameras around the walkways, car parks, and turnstiles.

Raytec IR Headingley Cricket Ground (2)The high quality and powerful spread of the Raytec illuminators allows the dome cameras to generate seamless CCTV images over a large area with excellent clarity of subjects at long distance, all with zero light pollution.

The famous stadium is anticipating a busy summer of domestic and international sport and is expecting thousands of spectators. In addition, regular events are held at night when the surveillance system is at its most vulnerable.

The RAYMAX illuminators deliver the high quality IR images needed for effective monitoring of key areas during the hours of darkness – providing reliable 24/7 protection of the stadium and ensuring the safety of the public.

All RAYMAX Infra-Red LED illuminators have an extremely low power consumption, provide a long 10 year plus life time and require zero maintenance. Users are therefore able to make huge energy savings and significantly reduce their running and labour costs.

“Many CCTV systems are employing higher megapixel and HD cameras due to demand for better image quality. High quality illumination is crucial for allowing these cameras to work to their full potential at night”, says Raytec Sales Manager, Vince Bessell. “Dome cameras especially require a good quantity and quality of illumination, not only to generate wide angle images, but to achieve high definition when zooming in over long distances”.

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