Axxon Intellect Enterprise and Smart Pro integrate with Brickcom IP cameras

Axxon and Brickcom

Axxon and Brickcom

Axxon and Brickcom

AxxonSoft and Brickcom Corporation have started a technological collaboration to integrate all megapixel IP cameras of Brickcom with AxxonSoft’s Axxon Intellect Enterprise and Axxon Smart Pro management software.

Support for Brickcom’s wireless WFB-100Ap and FD-130Ap has already been implemented in AxxonSoft’s Drivers Pack 3.1.9 module in the end of December 2010. With the module installed on existing Axxon Intellect Enterprise and Axxon Smart PRO software, from now on users will be able to integrate Brickcom’s WFB-100Ap and FD-130Ap IP cameras into their existing systems. Brickcom’s Fixed Box series and Fixed Dome series are equipped with high resolution sensors and h.264 video compression to deliver high quality videos.

Axxon Intellect Enterprise is a remarkably advanced security information management system designed for the creation of security systems of any scale and is based on various types of equipment. This video surveillance software unites access control, fire and security alarms, face recognition and other specialised systems into an integrated information system that supports the interaction of all subsystems, intellectual information analysis and automatic control.

Axxon Smart Pro is a professional video surveillance system for small and medium sized projects in which several innovative AxxonSoft creations have been implemented. Combining convenient operation with powerful video analytics and automation tools, Axxon Smart Pro sets a new standard of functionality for this category of products. A unique user interface; video analysis capabilities; event response scenarios; role-driven multi-user access; support for a great number of integrated IP-devices; capability to create separate video archives for different alarm types with individual archiving settings. With all these features, Axxon Smart Pro provides an unparalleled range of capabilities for its price range.

“At Axxon, our aim is to provide users with a platform in which all available cameras are implemented,” said Torsten Anstädt, CEO from AxxomSoft EMEA. “With the integration of Brickcom cameras we can now offer to our customers a management software, in which about 320 different cameras have been integrated by then.”

In the future, Brickcom and AxxonSoft aim to integrate Brickcom’s full line of IP network cameras with AxxonSoft’s Axxon Intellect Enterprise and Axxon Smart Pro software. Brickcom IP cameras offer a complete self-contained surveillance system with resolutions ranging from 1 to 3 megapixels, a comprehensive set of features, and a range of products including cube, Fixed Box, Bullet, and Dome cameras. Brickcom products are designed to incorporate the best IP features, while offering a user-friendly design.

“We are excited for the new integration with leading IP video surveillance software provider, AxxonSoft. As we continue to provide our users with user friendly, complete solutions, our integration with AxxonSoft will offer our customers a new variety of surveillance solutions,” said Ebony Huang, CEO, Brickcom Corporation. “We believe that the cooperation between AxxonSoft and Brickcom will offer the market a whole new image of the IP surveillance market.”


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