Avigilon high-definition surveillance solutions

Avigilon high-definition surveillance solutions

Avigilon high-definition surveillance solutions

Avigilon delivers industry-leading HD network video management software, megapixel cameras and machine learning analytics products to the world’s top companies and is now configured into webeyeCMS.

Combined they deliver the highest quality technology and reliability in the security and surveillance industry. When only the best will do you need to specify Avigilon with webeyeCMS.

Avigilon’s industry-leading HD network video management software, megapixel cameras and machine learning video analytics products are deployed by more than 25 percent of the top 50 companies on the Fortune Magazine Fortune 500 list. They offer customers in more than 120 countries a customizable end-to-end, scalable and open solution to monitor property and protect people and their assets across diverse locations, including stadiums, retail environments, school campuses, casinos, critical infrastructure and transportation stations. Avigilon products are designed and manufactured in North America, providing customers with reliable and high quality technology.

We believe Avigilon products work best when integrated into webeyeCMS – the world’s first fully cloud based automated and managed professional monitoring solution. WebeyeCMS is neither a self-monitored solution or a manned monitoring station – it’s in-built technology takes over the role of humans in a monitoring station by automating the alarm receipt, handling and alerting process. If the alarm is triggered, the system calls the stake holder, plus all designated stake holders directly, virtually immediately and keeps trying until someone answers. It verifies the alarm has been archived and audits all activity making it the perfect management tool.

The patent pending PADARC alarm process has unprecedented checks and balances and its unique escalation process makes it ideally placed to fulfil the increasing monetary constraints and greater efficiencies required within the security industry.

Avigilon products available from VDT include:

The Avigilon Rialto™ I4 4 Channel IP Video Analytics Appliance with 500GB HDD offers self-learning video analytics for fixed security cameras. It provides a cost effective way to easily add video analytics to IP video surveillance systems.

Avigilon HD Bullet Camera with Self-Learning video analytics. Offered as 3 MP or 8 MP camera with various lens options they bring together world renowned camera technology with video analytics. The combination of instant and accurate object detection and classification alerts, with the identification performance of high-definition video, provides users with an unmatched level of perimeter protection.

Professional High Performance Remote Monitoring Workstation. Designed to achieve the highest performance for a client PC within an Avigilon HD Surveillance System. Pre-loaded with Avigilon Control Center, the remote monitoring workstation is easily installed and will support two high resolution monitors and up to a total of 144 channels of video.

The Avigilon Control Center software. Initially it is pre-loaded in the Workstation when you configure your system and is an easy to use video management software to efficiently capture, manage and store high definition surveillance video while intelligently managing bandwidth and storage. Sold as either a STANDARD License or ENTERPRISE License with enhanced features, they are designed to meet the specific needs a wide variety of installations and you can add to the capacity as your requirements grow.

Avigilon and webeyeCMS combined offer

• The world’s best cloud based security software
• Reliable, automated alarm receipt, handling, alerting and auditing process
• The world’s most powerful, easy to use end-to-end security system
• End-to-end security, all in one place
• Video surveillance with unparalleled image detail
• The industry’s easiest to use software
• Industry leading technical support
• Scalable security solutions – designed with tomorrow’s growth in mind.

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