Automotive cyberattacks tackled by Irdeto and IBM Security

Automotive cyberattacks tackled by Irdeto and IBM Security

Automotive cyberattacks are the focus of Irdeto and IBM Security as they collaborate to find a solution. 

IBM Security and Irdeto are working together to combat automotive cyberattacks, aiming to provide OEMs and tier-one suppliers with advanced, real-time security analytics and ECU protection that is essential to preserving security.

Powered by Cloakware Secure Environment and IBM QRadar, Irdeto’s ECU joint protection solution is intended to detect and prevent attempts to interfere or reverse engineer vehicle software.

Irdeto and IBM Security intend to offer the automotive industry the most secure and robust security technology, in combination with the most comprehensive big data analytics available on the market. OEMs and tier-one suppliers will thus be able to detect and prevent attempts damage vehicle software on an individual ECU.

Any attempts to modify software on the ECU will subsequently be delivered via telemetry to IBM QRadar to provide automakers with real-time analytics.

IBM QRadar will then process the security data from Cloakware Secure Environment to deliver a thorough overview in a dashboard format outlining the security status of their vehicle and ECU. OEMs use this information on their fleet of vehicles to either have an automated response triggered or a manual intervention to address the attack.

Research by Frost & Sullivan found that OEMs and tier-one suppliers will invest more in the next three years on digitisation and cybersecurity methods to mitigate attacks targeting automobiles than in the years previously. While this indicates that the automotive industry is aware of cyberthreats targeting vehicles, many organisations are looking for a new security method that provides them with a comprehensive view of cyberattacks targeting their fleet of automobiles.

“OEMs and tier-one suppliers know that they have a security problem,” said Daniel Thunberg, Global Head, Connected Transport, Irdeto. “However, many car manufacturers are unsure of the steps they need to take in order to implement a proper security approach to protect against cyberattacks. IBM and Irdeto are working together to help solve this challenge by providing a comprehensive cybersecurity solution that helps prevent any altering of vehicle software.”

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