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Police forces’ body-worn video achieves Surveillance Camera Code of Practice

Body worn video

SSAIB, the UK and Ireland’s leading security, fire and telecare certification body, announces that two police forces have pioneered the introduction of body-worn video (BWV) technology in accordance with the Surveillance Camera Code of Practice. Following certification to the Code, completed by SSAIB auditors, the Greater Manchester Police and Metropolitan Police Service are now using…

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SSAIB’s leading role in police forces’ pioneering drones deployment

Dorset officers demonstrate drones

SSAIB, the UK and Ireland’s leading security and fire certification body, has helped two police forces in their pioneering use of drones for a variety of crime-related objectives. SSAIB has certificated Dorset Police, as well as the Devon and Cornwall force, to the Surveillance Camera Code of Practice. This ground breaking certification enables both police…

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SSAIB Appoints New Regional Inspectors

ssaib appointments

SSAIB, the UK’s leading fire, security and telecare certification body for organisations, has recruited two new regional auditors to carry out inspections of existing, and potential new, registered firms.

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