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ZigBee wireless products for ‘smart’ buildings

ZigBee is the latest, advanced wireless technology being built into millions of home automation & smart energy devices worldwide. Lights, thermostats, alarms, fridges, doors, appliances, utility meters – all are being ZigBee enabled, and this is why the technology is often referred to as “The Internet of Things”.

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Hitachi VK-S454 Block Camera ‘sets new standards for image quality’

Advanced digital signal processing (DSP) technology ensures outstanding colour reproduction and low light performance, capable of capturing details such as facial features, clothing, and automobile colours that can serve as vital evidence. Setting a new standard for imaging quality, night or day, the Hitachi VK-S454N/EN marks another phase in the evolution of digital surveillance systems.

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Hitachi unveil DI-SC120R HD 30x optical zoom camera

The Hitachi DI-SC120R features a 1/3inch CCD sensor with a full resolution of 1280×720. Hitachi has combined its proprietary Digital Signal Processor (DSP) to a high sensitivity CCD sensor and 30x lens to achieve a minimum subject illumination of 0.5lx. The DI-SC120R includes a new feature, defog, that the camera processes in real time. Images…

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