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Image Sensing Systems unveils Jet-Aludra Intelligent ANPR Camera

Jet-Aludra Intelligent ANPR Camera

Image Sensing Systems launches the new CitySync Jet-Aludra Intelligent ANPR camera.  Designed to save installation costs and deployment time, Jet-Aludra coversa several applications including traffic management, Police, security and enforcement.  Jet-Aludra incorporates an IR ANPR camera, colour overview camera and an on-board processor. This  cost effective Intelligent ANPR camera processes images at the time of…

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CitySync’s adds new modules to its JetMate handheld ANPR device

CitySync's JetMate

CitySync recently launched the latest version of the JetMate handheld ANPR software. The JetStream module has been added and an enhancement to the Hotlist module has been included to improve overall functionality of the handheld mobile solution. JetMate is a fully portable handheld ANPR device running CitySync’s internationally respected ANPR recognition engine. It speeds up…

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CitySync launches new wireless ANPR transmission solution Jet Air

CitySync Jet Air

CitySync has introduced the new Jet Air ANPR Transmission range to their Portfolio. The Jet Air systems provide secure cost effective wireless data transmission solutions where the installation of conventional or fibre optic cable is not feasible or too expensive. Jet Air transmission solutions are tested with CitySync’s JetBase ANPR software and is available to…

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