Aurora to show facial recognition access control at UK Security Expo 2016

Aurora to show facial recognition access control at UK Security Expo 2016

Aurora to show facial recognition access control at UK Security Expo 2016

Aurora’s FaceSentinel in Identification Mode allows users to pass through security doors using facial recognition without cards, tokens or codes

At UK Security Expo 2016, pioneering facial recognition specialist Aurora will be demonstrating its AI-powered FaceSentinel system, which allows registered users to open doors, turnstiles and speed lanes simply by looking at a sensor, with no need for any additional verification such as tokens, cards or PINs. The facial recognition system is integrated with Fastlane gates from IDL.

Aurora Head of Sales and Marketing Gary James says there are important advantages to being able to open a turnstile without the need for additional tokens, swipe cards or badges.

He says:

“‘Contact’-type biometrics such as fingerprint scanning can introduce delays because they require the user to pause and comply with scanners. But FaceSentinel in Identification Mode – which is also known as ‘one-to-many’ – accelerates that process dramatically.”

FaceSentinel is the world’s first biometric access control authentication product powered by Deep Learning; the system uses AI and infrared light to achieve unparalleled facial recognition speed, accuracy and reliability. Aurora’s facial recognition technology is – among other places – used throughout Heathrow Airport for boarding pass verification.

The cutting edge technology behind FaceSentinel also includes the use of infrared cameras to overcome the inherent challenge presented to facial recognition by fluctuations in natural light.

Integrated Design Limited (IDL) is the designer and manufacturer of Fastlane Turnstiles and Door Detective anti-tailgating products, and has over 30 years of experience and a worldwide distribution and installation network.

At UK Security Expo 2016, FaceSentinel will be running on IDL’s stand (C20). UK Security Expo 2016 takes place from November 30 – December 1 at Olympia London. Click here for more information and to register to attend the UK Security Expo!

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