Auriga helps SMEs navigate threats with The Compass SOC

Auriga helps SMEs navigate threats with The Compass SOC

Auriga helps SMEs navigate threats with The Compass SOC

Auriga helps SMEs navigate threats with The Compass SOCSecurity Operations Center brings sophisticated threat intelligence monitoring and analysis to the SME sector.

Auriga, specialists in cyber security,technology and risk management, have announced the launch of Compass, a sophisticated next generation Security Operations Center (SOC). Compass Tier has been designed to meet the security monitoring needs of today’s hyperconnected small and medium sized business combating threats from numerous sources. Compass enables the SME to adopt a proactive rather than a reactive stance by providing insights that allow the organisation to anticipate, predict and respond to threats even before they have been realised. The SOC is available as a tiered offering enabling it to scale with the client, and threats are highlighted and assessed by a dedicated team of data security analysts to generate real-time threat intelligence.

SOC services have typically been the preserve of either large corporates or enterprises that can afford to outsource this capability, ruling it out as an option for the majority of SMEs. Compass has been specifically developed as a next generation SOC offering a suite of services to accommodate all budget and business requirements, from simple monitoring to more comprehensive Threat Intelligence, Profiling and Forecasting. Developed by a specialist security consultancy, it aims to bring SOC security monitoring within the reach of the SME business irrespective of sector or location.

Compass is offered in three cumulative tiers to provide a scalable service.An entry level silver service affords SOC services made available during standard working hours complemented by a Managed Cyber Security Service,while a second tier service offers ‘always on’ SOC services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with tailored Threat Intelligence, which a third and final level service extends still further to include Threat Forecasting and Business Intelligence.

Compass Tier SOC service packages include:

  • SIEM
  • Fully Managed Security Services
  • Integrated Service and Incident Management
  • 600 Threat Intelligence Feeds
  • Threat Management
  • Compliance Management
  • Continuous Learning
  • Event Source Monitoring
  • Event Log and Network Flow Data Consolidation
  • Comprehensive, extensible analytics
  • Network, Visualization and Application Intelligence
  • Identity and Location Intelligence
  • Configuration and Configuration Change Monitoring
  • In-depth Database Security, Availability and Anomalous Activity


  • Layer 7 Rules Engine
  • Real-time and Historial Cross-correlation
  • Event Log Data Integrity secured by HMAC
  • Analytics for Real-time Correlation and Alerting
  • Automatic Discovery
  • 24/7 Managed Security Service

“The SME has become a sitting duck when it needs to become a moving target. There’s been a fundamental shift away from prevention to threat detection making it imperative that the business be aware of and monitor threat developments. But creating and maintaining a comprehensive next generation SOC as a SME is time and resource intensive. Compass Tier provides all the benefits and reactive capabilities of a SOC with zero risk and allows the SME to put its finger on the pulse of what is happening,” said Louise T. Dunne, Managing Director, Auriga.

“The current number of high profile DDoS attacks have caught many organisations unawares. How many of those organisations impacted by or directly compromised as a result of those attacks would have liked to know it was imminent? Armed with that foresight SMEs can prepare for such an attack months ahead by following key trends that vary by sector, region, company profile, operational model and technical complexity. Compass Tier accumulates and interprets that data to guide our clients as they traverse the cyberscape and to help inform their future business plans,” added Jamal Elmellas, Technical Director, Auriga.

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