ACS pacesettersACS Pacesetters

An association for Security Guarding Companies, ACS Pacesetters is open only to companies that have achieved the top 15% of assessed scores during their annual inspection for the SIA Approved Contractor Scheme.

asisAmerican Society for Industrial Security (ASIS)

ASIS is a global organisation with Chapters all over the world. Most Chapters run dynamic seminars and training days throughout the year. The UK Chapter publishes a quarterly Newsletter with news and updates about top security practitioners, representing members’ views at the highest levels.

abiAssociation of British Investigators (ABI)

The Association of British Investigators (ABI) has upheld professional standards since 1913 and campaigns for regulation and promotes excellence, integrity and professionalism within its membership.

ascAssociation of Security Consultants

The Association of Security Consultants is recognised as the professional organisation for independent security consultants, representing their interests and promoting their activities. Members are independent consultants, having no allegiance to specific suppliers of goods or services. They either head their own companies, or else are senior representatives in consultancy practices.

auscoAssociation of University Chief Security Officers (AUCSO)

AUCSO is the Association for Security Professionals working in Universities, Colleges and Institutions of Higher Education in the UK and Europe. The Association provides a forum for its members to exchange knowledge, information and best practice relating to security management within the sector. Each year the Association holds a conference, exhibition and AGM at a different University for its members.

bapscBritish Association of Private Security Companies

The BAPSC aims to raise the standards of operation of its members and this emergent industry and ensure compliance with the rules and principles of international humanitarian law and human rights standards. As the need for armed security grows the BAPSC and its members recognise that their objectives will best be achieved through effective self regulation in partnership with the UK Government and International Organisations.

bsaBritish Security Association

The British Security Association was established with the intention of providing an effective and professional network for the professional operator within the security industry, especially those who seek advice and opportunities with proven companies. The BSA Directors have a vast global experience in many theatres – specialising in a range of tasks from Close Protection, Maritime Security, Surveillance, Technical Operations ( both overt and covert ) and Training, all achieved from contracts in the UK, Europe and many of the world’s hostile environments.

bsiaBritish Security Industry Association (BSIA)

The British Security Industry Association is the trade association for the private security industry in the UK. Its members provide over 70% of UK security products and services and adhere to strict quality standards. One of the BSIA’s top priorities is the maintenance of high standards within the industry, and it places rigorous requirements on companies wishing to become members.

cyber securityUK Cyber Security Association (UKCSA)

The UK Cyber Security Association (UKCSA) offers many opportunities to develop relationships with leading Cyber Security businesses and individuals. The UKCSA is exploring the development of a recognised certification strategy for individuals and businesses throughout the industry.

epicEx-Police in Commerce (EPIC)

EPIC was founded in 1979 by the late Arthur Rees CBE QPM MA DL, formerly Chief Constable of Staffordshire and Denbighshire and a former Welsh International R.U. flanker. It is both a community organisation with a constitution and a limited Company trading as EPIC (Integrity Assured) Limited that aims to provide a business networking organisation exclusively for former police officers who can meet the highest standards of “integrity assured” candidature and pass the strictest vetting processes.

fsaFire and Security Association (FSA)

With more than 300 members across the United Kingdom, the Fire and Security Association (FSA), is the fastest growing representative body for companies that design, install, commission, maintain and monitor electronic fire and security systems. FSA members represent all sizes of professional companies from local suppliers with only a few operatives to large multi-service companies, all of whom work to exacting British and European technical standards and are independently assessed and third party certificated.

hdcctvHDcctv Alliance

The HDcctv Alliance® is an industry association that develops, manages, and promulgates the technical interface specification for high-definition closed-circuit television (HDcctv). The Alliance promotes adoption of HDcctv-compliant products and provides education throughout the surveillance equipment industry and plans to offer an HDcctv Certificate that may be earned by video surveillance system designers, installers, and dealers through an education program.

ihsmInstitute of Hotel Security Management (IHSM)

The Institute of Hotel Security Management meets regularly to discuss all aspects of Security and Safety within the hotel industry. Officials from various law enforcement and government agencies also attend meetings and discussions are held regarding terrorism, crime prevention and major events. The IHSM aims to provide the hotel and catering industry with a professional approach in dealing with all matters related to security, fire, health and safety.

association_ipiInstitute of Professional Investigators

The Institute of Professional Investigators has sought to encourage and promote its members to achieve and maintain a high standard of professionalism for over 36 years, while engaged in their investigative activities.

association_iaatiInternational Association of Auto Theft Investigators (IAATI)

The International Association of Auto Theft Investigators (IAATI) is the organisation for professionals involved in the prevention and detection of vehicle crime. The membership is made up of: law enforcement officers, vehicle manufacturers, insurance companies, government officials, private investigators and others who prevent and investigate vehicle crime. It states that the most effective weapon to combat car crime related offences is co-operation between all parties.

association_ipsaInternational Professional Security Association (IPSA)

The International Professional Security Association (IPSA) is a membership body for individuals and companies working in security and associated roles.The Association was formed over 50 years ago to ensure professionalism in the management of security operations and provides, in accordance with growing demand, a specialised unrivalled service to industry/commerce.

association_isiaIrish Security Industry Association

The Irish Security Industry Association has been representing the needs of the private security industry for over 40 years and it represents the full spectrum of companies in the private security industry. Members range from small to medium Irish indigenous companies to large multinationals. The organistation prides itself in only accepting quality-driven companies and has an over-riding ambition to create a more professional industry.

association_issaInformation Systems Security Association (ISSA)

With active participation from individuals and chapters all over the world, the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) is the largest international, not-for-profit association specifically for information security professionals. It provides educational forums, publications and peer interaction opportunities that enhance the knowledge, skill and professional growth of its members. It is also the ‘preferred partner’ of (ISC)2 for CISSPs & SSCPs.

association_mlaMaster Locksmiths Association (MLA)

The Master Locksmiths Association aims to spread the message that using a MLA Licensed Locksmith is the most secure way to go as our locksmiths are CRB checked, full vetted and fully qualified. The Master Locksmiths Association is the main trade association in the UK Locksmithing Industry.

association_nahsNational Association for Healthcare Security (NAHS)

The National Association for Healthcare Security was formed in 1994, as a non-profit making professional organisation in the United Kingdom. The NAHS works to continually improve security in healthcare facilities through training and the exchange of information and experiences. It aims to promote co-operation and development amongst members and provide them with current information through conferences, meetings and events; designed to meet the challenges and complexities of protecting modern medical facilities.

association_narpoNational Association of Retired Police Officers (NARPO)

NARPO is a member organisation representing retired police officers of all ranks as well as police widows, widowers and partners of former police officers from police forces throughout England and Wales. It offers a range of services to members including advice on pensions and other issues affecting the welfare of our members. NARPO is a branch based organisation formed in 1919 and still has local branches spread throughout England and Wales.

association_nasduNational Association of Security Dog Users (NASDU)

NASDU promotes Welfare, Standards, Training and Education within the Security Dog Sector and offers support and guidance to its membership. NASDU is recognised within the security industry by the Security Industry Authority (S.I.A.), Skills for Security, BSIA, IPSA together with the Home Office, ACPO, MOD, DEFRA, BSI, as well as Animal Welfare Groups like local Authority Dog Wardens.

association_nsiNational Security Inspectorate (NSI)

The National Security Inspectorate (NSI) is recognised as the leading certification body for the security and fire protection sectors in the UK. For over 40 years it has helped protect businesses and homeowners by providing robust, high quality audits of home and business security and fire safety service providers. Businesses and homeowners who choose NSI approved companies have the reassurance that their chosen contractors will work to the highest industry standards demanded by the Police, Fire and Rescue Services and the insurance industry. The NSI Directory lists all the companies who have successfully achieved NSI certification.

association_ntipduNational Training Inspectorate for Professional Dog Users (NTIPDU)

The National Training Inspectorate for Professional Dog Users was formed as a result of the work carried out by the founding directors, who discovered that there are no National standards in place for dog handlers within the Security Industry. The NTIPDU has had input from Government departments in developing the course and standards and has implemented a set of standards attainable by all.

association_pssaPerimeter Security Suppliers Association (PSSA)

The PSSA is the trade association for companies involved in the supply of equipment and services designed to provide the highest levels of physical protection for sites and their perimeters from terrorist or criminal attack that involves the use of extreme force or explosives.

association_pcmaPublic CCTV Managers Association (PCMA)

The PCMA is the Public CCTV Managers Association and represents the views of Public Authority CCTV Managers across the country. The PCMA was established in June 1997 as the TAG CCTV User Group and initially consisted of Local Authority CCTV Managers from around the East Midlands area, in particular around the main driving force, Simon Walters from Lincoln, but has now grown to include members from virtually all areas of the country.

association_samiSecurity Association for the Maritime Industry (SAMI)

The Security Association for the Maritime Industry (SAMI) is a membership organisation which represents companies working in the maritime security industry and acts as a focal point for global maritime security matters. It seeks to deliver a positive return on investment (ROI) for an international membership which encompasses maritime security providers, consultants, trainers and maritime security equipment, technology and hardware manufacturers from across 35 different nations.

association_siaThe Security Industry Authority (SIA)

The Security Industry Authority is the organisation responsible for regulating the private security industry. It is an independent body reporting to the Home Secretary, under the terms of the Private Security Industry Act 2001. It has two main duties, namely the compulsory licensing of individuals undertaking designated activities within the private security industry and to manage the voluntary Approved Contractor Scheme.

association_security-instituteThe Security Institute

The Security Institute is the largest membership organisation for security professionals in the UK. For 15 years it has been working to promote the highest possible standards of integrity and professional competence in the business of security. Membership gives credibility, enhances career prospects, provides a network of excellent contacts, offers mentoring, continual professional development and a wide range of networking opportunities.

association_tinygTerrorist Information New York Group

association_uktiUK Trade & Investment Defence & Security Organisation (UKTI DSO)

UK Trade & Investment Defence & Security Organisation (UKTI DSO) aims to help UK companies export and provides the essential government-to-government dimension to help the UK defence and security industry to build and maintain relationships with overseas customers. It provides support to industry to ensure products and services are promoted in an effective manner to meet the customer’s requirements and are supported by industry throughout the life of the equipment.
UKTI DSO provides specialist export advice and practical assistance, working closely with industry and the Ministry of Defence, Home Office and with Other Government Departments and Agencies.

association_wssWomen’s Security Society

The Women’s Security Society’s (WSS) aim is to encourage the advancement of women involved in all aspects of the security industry through the exchange of information and cultivation of productive relationships. The perception that careers in security are not open to women, coupled with an evident lack of diversity has not provided the best platform to encourage women to enter the profession or promote the profiles of the few women that are in the industry. As a result the concept of the WSS was created with its main objective being to act as an inspiring networking forum for women working in the Security Industry.

association_wadWorld Association of Detectives (WAD)

With origins dating back to 1921, W.A.D. claims to be the longest established and largest association of its kind in the world. It was formed as a joint venture by the combined membership of the World Association of Detectives and the International Secret Service Association to promote and maintain the highest ethical practices in the profession of private investigator or security service.

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