ASSA’S CLIQ Goes Mobile

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assa abloy cliqASSA’s CLIQ Remote is now available with a new mobile PD key updater, allowing administrators to update access rights ‘on the move.’

CLIQ Remote is a solution designed for larger masterkey suites, remote sites and companies with a geographical spread of operations. Providing users with remote access to a building, regardless of location, through a secure web connection.

ASSA’s new mobile PD unit connects to most smartphones via Bluetooth, or to the Internet by USB connector, enabling administrators to grant access to remote users and update access rights at any time, from anywhere in the world.

Nojmol Islam, Product Manager for ASSA, said: “ASSA’s CLIQ Remote is already a popular product for both small and large organisations, as it creates scalable, centralised and automated security management that reduces administrative requirements making it cost-effective.

“The system reduces the risk of keys falling into the wrong hands by allowing the access rights of lost keys to be easily removed without the need to change cylinders and makes it easy to add or delete employees when they join or leave the company.

“The new mobile PD updater unit makes it even simpler for the administrator to update user credentials to suit a company’s requirements, even whilst on the move and without having to have access to the key.”

CLIQ Remote is easy to install and has the functionality to create time defined user keys to allow access for a specified period of time, a popular feature for engineers and contractors who need access outside normal working hours.

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