ASIS International Pipeline Security Specialist™ Programme


ASIS International United Kingdom chapter 208 logoThe International Pipeline Security Specialist™ Certificate Programme has been developed to meet the requirements of industry and government to train personnel in Critical Infrastructure Protection – Pipeline Security.

The Academic Certificate – Part I is available as a stand-alone course and is comprised of 48 Hours of specialised classroom training and individual assignments which teach candidates ‘Key Concepts’ and effective ‘Protection Strategies’ for critical infrastructure projects, associated pipeline networks and facilities.

Pipelines and associated facilities are critical infrastructure assets in the transportation of oil, natural gas, refined product and water. The construction and operation of pipeline networks provide excellent working examples of complex linear security protection challenges. The concepts of protecting pipeline assets are applicable to critical infrastructure projects including rail, maritime, road, air, electrical production, communications and fibre optic networks.

This highly interactive course utilises immersion training techniques. Using ‘Key Concepts’ and the ‘Lessons Learned’ in international pipeline security projects, candidates working as members of a specialty security team, will:

  • Understand the critical processes and security challenges in the three distinct phases of a Critical Infrastructure – Pipeline project
  • Identify vulnerable locations and key assets by learning how to recognise methods of target assessment and attack from the perspective of the pipeline network adversary
  • Learn the Pipeline Security Specialist™ Team Concept, specific functions and skill-sets
  • Understand methods to document and develop a comprehensive Network Asset Database (NAD™)
  • Discuss effective incident response and investigation strategies
  • Learn methods to document a comprehensive Incident Scene Database (ISD™)
  • Recognise adversary Preferencing™ in target assessment and attack methodology
  • Understand how to analyse incident information using NAD™, ISD™ and Preferencing™ to forecast potential incident locations and adversary methodology

Candidates completing all phases of the Part I Academic course with assessment scores of 75% (GPA 3.75) including the Pipeline Security Specialist™ written exam receive a Certificate of Training – Pipeline Security Specialist™ Part I Academic.

Presented by Hugh A. Palmer, MBA, CPP, and Directing Staff from the Pipeline Security Specialist™ Programme a Division of HPI – Hugh A. Palmer, Inc. in co- operation with Exmed UK Limited, Global Leaders in Remote Medical Support, Equipment and Clinical Education.

Special UK Introductory Tuition Pricing Offer £995 + VAT

Registration and Tuition payments will be processed by Exmed UK Limited. Register here.

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