Arecont’s megapixel cameras secure family printing business

Kostomaj’s business
Kostomaj’s business

Kostomaj’s business

Higher Quality with Fewer Cameras Adds to Cost/Performance Benefits

For small business owner Marjan Kostomaj, running the family commercial printing business is filled with everyday challenges that range from marketing to production issues to equipment maintenance. But one issue he no longer has to worry about is the building’s video surveillance system because the company recently switched over to an Arecont Vision megapixel camera solution. Kostomaj’s business, Tiskarna Kostomaj, is located in Celje, Slovenia.

Arecont Vision’s megapixel cameras were selected by Kostomaj after IP VGA video camera surveillance systems were tried, unsuccessfully. According to Kostomaj, the previous cameras did not have the image quality and were not reliable.

“Property crimes, particularly burglary and vandalism can seriously affect our business and the other cameras were simply not doing the job we needed,” said Mr. Kostomaj. “We needed a camera system that would be able to recognize a person or vehicle within the camera field of view (FOV).  And that’s exactly what we have with the Arecont megapixel cameras.”

In designing the new system, Tiskarna Kostomaj selected Arecont Vision megapixel cameras that ideally matched their needs. For example, Arecont Vision’s AV3130 provides superior night vision to cover the outside of the building and the parking lot.  The unique dual-sensor, day/night 3/1.3 megapixel IP camera delivers up to 15 frames per second (fps) at 2,048 x 1,536 pixels of high-definition color resolution. In low-light conditions, the AV3130 changes from color to black-and-white and the camera’s frame rate increases to a maximum of 30fps at 1,280 x 1,024 pixels.

To meet their demands for higher resolution and identification for internal coverage, the company selected the Arecont Vision AV5100DN, a 5 megapixel MJPEG camera providing 2,492 x 1,944 pixel resolution at 9 frames per second (fps). The camera offers simultaneous full field-of-view and region-of-interest video, and image cropping allows streaming of full-density partial images. Also included in the new video surveillance system is the Arecont Vision AV1300 camera, featuring 1,280 x 1,024 pixel video at 32fps, forensic zooming, region-of-interest (ROI), image cropping and motion detection.

“Any business makes itself vulnerable to crime if proactive measures are not taken to help prevent it,” said Scott Schafer, Executive Vice President, Arecont Vision. “Megapixel cameras have been proven time and again as highly effective tools to improve image quality and reduce the number of cameras to cover the customers’ location.”

Arecont Vision cameras’ higher resolutions enable customers to minimize the number of cameras they use without compromising coverage. This brings a number of advantages to the user. The ability of fewer megapixel cameras to take the place of many standard-resolution network cameras or analog cameras contributes to an overall lower system cost. The use of fewer cameras also requires less labor and cabling while providing high resolution. Using fewer cameras to cover larger areas also translates into cost savings related to infrastructure (cables, mounts, housings, etc.) which makes it easier to realize a system return-on-investment (ROI). Also, the availability of higher-resolution images can provide prosecutable forensic evidence.


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