Arecont Vision® SurroundVideo® Omni Cameras Shipping Soon Due to High Interest

omni camera

omni cameraArecont Vision announced here at IFSEC 2014 the first units of the company’s innovative SurroundVideo Omni cameras are slated to ship this month. First previewed late in 2013, the versatile omnidirectional camera systems feature four multi-megapixel sensors that can be individually adjusted to capture different fields of view within a full 360° range. This flexibility allows a single camera to provide the same detailed coverage as four multi-megapixel cameras with the ability to use different lenses for each sensor.

“Our new SurroundVideo Omni megapixel camera systems provide the unprecedented ability to focus on multiple areas of specific interest within a scene using a single camera solution,” said Brad Donaldson, Director of Product Management, Arecont Vision. “In addition to providing superior versatility, SurroundVideo Omni megapixel cameras are extremely cost-efficient and can significantly reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) by reducing the number of cameras and their associated expenses from initial acquisition through long-term maintenance.”

Popular configurations of the unique SurroundVideo Omni cameras include 270° panoramic coverage using three image sensors and the fourth image sensor that looks straight down. This configuration is ideal for placement on the corners of buildings. Hallway intersections are another popular configuration, as four telephoto lenses can be used to obtain full coverage looking down separate long hallways.

The added versatility provided by SurroundVideo Omni cameras eliminates the need for multiple cameras, reducing overall system costs. Arecont Vision’s new SurroundVideo Omni cameras are available in 12-megapixel (MP) WDR and 20MP configurations. For added versatility, the low-profile camera systems offer multiple lens options from 2.8mm up to 16mm.

Arecont Vision’s SurroundVideo Omni cameras feature Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) of up to 100dB at full resolution to maximize image detail on both bright and dark areas of a scene without lowering frame rates on the 12MP model. This represents up to 50dB improvement (300X) in dynamic range compared to conventional cameras.

SurroundVideo Omni cameras include dual H.264 (MPEG-4 Part 10) and MJPEG encoders, privacy masking, extended motion detection with 1,024 zones per channel, and pixel binning for increased sensitivity in low light applications. The cameras’ IP66-rated environmental housing and polycarbonate bubble are impact-resistant IK-10 rated.

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