Apple Mac threats on the rise; ESET releases new cyber security solutions

Pradeesh VS, General Manager, ESET Middle East (2)

Pradeesh VS, General Manager, ESET Middle East

With the growing popularity of Apple’s Mac computers in the Middle East, cyber criminals are increasingly targeting the operating system. Just last month, ESET warned users of Mal-specific malware being spread disguised as cracked versions popular applications including Angry Birds and BBEdit. To protect Mac users against phishing attacks and social media based exploits, the global security leader today released its new and improved ESET Cyber Security Pro and ESET Cyber Security solutions. Both products come with added layers of protection to Apple’s built in Internet security features.

“Mac users no longer enjoy a virus free environment and attacks on these systems are now far more common than before. The Middle East is a big market for Apple devices and users here need to understand that this gives hackers a good reason to target them. Phishing is particularly successful and with the rise of social media, more threats are emerging from social platforms,” said Pradeesh VS, General Manager at ESET Middle East. “With the new security products, we now extend the expertise we have in protecting Windows and mobile devices to the Mac OS. These fast, efficient and effective new security solutions for the Mac platform have the same small system footprint, ease of installation and user friendly experience Mac users expect from us.”

Key features that have been added to the products include ESET’s new Anti-Phishing Module, which extends protection to cross-platform phishing attacks; and the ESET Social Media Scanner, which protects users on Facebook and Twitter. ESET Cyber Security and ESET Cyber Security Pro are full compatible with Apple’s latest operating system, OS X Mavericks (10.9).

Anti-Phishing Module

In 2013, ESET’s award winning Anti-Phishing Module, blocked- on average- phishing attempts targeting the data of 45,000 users a day, helping to prevent potential loss of their personal data stored in accounts or data stored on their devices. Phishing attacks are OS independent and ESET protects against them by using the same database of phishing sites as for its ESET Windows and Mobile products. ESET products for Mac detect cyber attacks or attempts acquiring sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, social accounts, banking or credit card credentials by fraudulent websites masquerading as legitimate ones.

Social Media Scanner

In addition, ESET has launched an advanced version of ESET Social Media Scanner to protect users and their contacts from malware when engaging with content on Facebook and Twitter, using on-demand and automatic scans of these accounts. Apart from protecting against potentially unwanted content and apps getting into the user’s device, ESET Social Media Scanner also helps user’s manage privacy settings and suggests improvements.

Furthermore, the new ESET Cyber Security Pro and ESET Cyber Security include a number of improved native functionalities and settings to deliver an overall Mac-like feel familiar to Mac users together with the low system demands. The solutions also prevent the spread of malware to other computers via Mac and daily used apps and eliminate also Windows and Linux based threats which might harm Windows-based systems in a Mac user’s network.

To download and try all the benefits of ESET Cyber Security products, please visit ESET Cyber Security Pro and ESET Cyber Security product pages.

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