Aperio® wireless access control cuts theft from Grenoble hospital

Aperio® wireless access control cuts theft from Grenoble hospital

Aperio® wireless access control cuts theft from Grenoble hospital

The Centre Hospitalier Universitaire (CHU) de Grenoble occupies a site that’s open to the city and its people — literally. It has no enclosing walls. Even the city tram passes between its buildings. With so many people on the premises each day, theft of hospital property had become widespread. CHU’s 7,800 employees needed reassurance that their belongings, as well as those of visitors, were well protected.

The requirement was for a modern, flexible system to control access to areas that were sensitive and in need of protection from unauthorized intrusion and vandalism — treatment rooms and operating theatres in particular. It took just a minimal outlay on battery-powered Aperio® access control to transform hospital security.

Approximately 20 wireless Aperio® Online cylinders and escutcheons were installed in hospital buildings connected to the access control system. Previously, the open nature of the site had posed a significant risk of intrusion. Stealing hospital property had become widespread. With Aperio® wireless access control from ASSA ABLOY, the immediate result was to drastically reduce theft from the premises.

Doors to sensitive areas of the hospital are now locked with Aperio® wireless devices. Only authorized personnel with RFID smart cards can open them. Aperio® Online technology also ensures hospital security managers can access building information in real time, even removing a swipe card’s permission remotely, if required. This has been a sufficient deterrent for most thieves.

Hospital managers also wanted an access control system they could maintain in-house, to control costs effectively and to enable instant turnaround when maintenance works were needed. As part of the service, a training session with technicians from ASSA ABLOY and installation partner Castel was arranged.

Aperio® cylinder and escutcheon maintenance is straightforward: a new lithium-ion battery every 2 years is all that’s usually required. In addition, because escutcheons and cylinders are so easy install, moving or adding new Aperio® components has also been taught to in-house staff.

Thanks to Aperio® wireless access control, CHU de Grenoble has taken control of its own site security.

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About Aperio®: Available on the global market place, ASSA ABLOY’s Aperio® Technology enables a wide range of access control providers to cost-effectively integrate non-wired doors with mechanical locks into access control systems.

About CHU de Grenoble: The Centre Hospitalier Universitaire (CHU) de Grenoble is a large French teaching hospital, with 7,800 employees and 2,200 patient beds. For more information, see www.chu-grenoble.fr.

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