The Aperio Effect, Part 2: Installation Could Hardly Be Easier

aperio effect

Looking for the fastest way to give your facility a security boost? Aperio® wireless access control beats wired systems hands-down when it comes to speed of installation.

Aperio takes the stress out of upgrading your access control. No wiring and no cabling means there’s no expensive electrical work required on-site—and no need for decorators to tidy up after the contractors.

And just how quick is it to install Aperio technology? To find out, search YouTube for the “Time challenge: Aperio cylinder”. You’ll see a technician complete one installation process, from start to finish, in 1 minute, 58 seconds. Aperio is simply the quickest way to add any door to a new or existing access control system.

There are Aperio products to fit many door and security needs: the range includes locks, cylinders and escutcheons for wood, aluminium or glass doors. Aperio protects both exterior and interior doors, from fire and safety doors with mandatory security requirements to meeting rooms and offices where an audit trail would help to make building management work better.

It is easy to extend an existing access control system, too: simply add Aperio locks with integrated card readers to any door. Each links to the access control system, and can be used with existing cards or a single digital credential—and without a wire in sight.

Pick Aperio and you can do all this without disrupting everyday business. A weekend is all it takes to upgrade a medium-sized site with Aperio wireless access control technology. That´s the Aperio effect.

Want to boost your site security the easy way?
Contact one of almost 100 Aperio partners for a new wireless access control system, or ask your existing provider to upgrade your doors with Aperio.

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