The Aperio Effect, Part 1: The Trouble With Keys

aperio effect

Looking for the quickest way to give your facility a security boost? Forget about keys.

A mechanical master key system is expensive to run, because of its inflexibility in changing access rights and secure key management costs. Losing a master key means replacing mechanical cylinders and keys right across your facility. There’s no shortcut.

How many replacement keys did you order last year? Every lost key costs you time and money—and an instant replacement is impossible. Stolen or copied keys are a constant security risk. No electronic audit trail is possible, and keys cannot be reprogrammed.

So, what’s the 21st-century solution?

For anyone running an access control system in parallel with a master key system, it’s Aperio®, wireless access control from ASSA ABLOY.

It is easy to extend an existing access control system: simply add Aperio battery-powered locks with integrated card readers to any door where you want to upgrade security. Every door is linked to the access control system, and can be used with existing cards or a single digital credential—and without a wire in sight.

With Aperio, it takes a few seconds to issue or revoke cards, from a computer or a smartphone. You can monitor and manage your premises, at any time of day or night. Reprogramme an RFID card and you have a new key—instantly. That’s the Aperio effect.

You want to forget about mechanical keys?
Contact one of almost 100 Aperio partners for a new wireless access control system, or ask your existing provider to upgrade your doors with Aperio.

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