Aperio and Axis bring wireless access control to AXIS Entry Manager

Aperio and Axis bring wireless access control to AXIS Entry Manager

Aperio and Axis bring wireless access control to AXIS Entry Manager

Interview with Russell Wagstaff at ASSA ABLOY & Stephanie Hensler at Axis

Russell Wagstaff from ASSA ABLOY and Stephanie Hensler from Axis discuss the major facility management enhancements that Aperio® wireless locks bring to an AXIS Entry Manager installation.

Q (Axis): Why did you choose to partner with ASSA ABLOY to bring their wireless components into an Axis system?

We felt it was important to partner with a well-known brand that offers a global wireless solution. ASSA ABLOY is a leader in access control, especially with their Aperio® wireless locks. ASSA ABLOY was the best partner to integrate with our own access control products.

Q (ASSA ABLOY): What are the key advantages of Aperio® wireless locks for facility managers?

Aperio® allows you to bring access control to many more doors at a facility without breaking the bank. Because Aperio® is built on open architecture, our seamless online integration with AXIS Entry Manager manages the complete installation from a single, easy-to-use interface which controls both the hard-wired doors and the Aperio® battery-powered locks.

Q (Axis): What components have been integrated, and how do they interoperate?

Axis completed integration of the Aperio® RS485 hub with our AXIS A1001 Door Controller. AXIS Entry Manager is our web-based access control system, built into the A1001 Door Controller. AXIS Entry Manager is an easy to use application, enabling real-time activities and events. One AXIS A1001 Network Door Controller can manage one wired door plus one Aperio® hub, which manages up to 8 Aperio® locks within a typical range of up to 25 metres — making a total of 9 doors per one controller.

Q: (Axis): Why did Axis opt for online rather than offline integration of the new wireless components?

Axis evaluated both options before deciding. Because most users value real-time access, we chose to integrate with the Aperio® RS485 online hub.

Q (Axis): Will customers need to install many more controllers to connect these new locks to the system?

That’s the beauty of this solution: the installation is very easy and quick. The controllers can be installed near the Aperio® RS485 hub and wireless locks and a hard-wired door. The AXIS A1001 Door Controller uses Power over Ethernet (PoE), and does not require additional wiring for power cables, or complicated installation. With one AXIS A1001 Door Controller supporting up to 9 doors, this is one of the easiest installations on the market.

Q (ASSA ABLOY): Why should existing Axis customers add Aperio® locks, rather than just expand the number of wired doors in their installation?

Principally, because Aperio® saves your company money, without compromising the security of staff and assets. Aperio® locks bring monitored access and detailed audit trails to far more doors in a facility than would ever be affordable with standard wired access control. Aperio® locks are wireless, so there’s no need for expensive or time-consuming cabling at the door. If needs change at a facility — perhaps a new building comes onstream — it’s quick, efficient and easy for an installer to fit Aperio® locks and connect them to an AXIS A1001 Door Controller. That flexibility is critical for managing a modern facility.

Q (ASSA ABLOY): OK, but why battery-powered Aperio® locks, rather than the convenience of wired access control?

Installation is much cheaper, of course, because Aperio® locks are wireless, so there’s no cabling or invasive building work needed. They are also very energy-efficient. They run on standard lithium-ion batteries, and only “wake up” when prompted by a smart card or other user credential. They are not connected to the mains, and use no power when inactive. Maintenance could hardly be simpler — an Aperio® lock needs a battery replacement every two years, nothing more. Taking the full life-cycle into account, installing Aperio® could save thousands in operating costs over wired access control. In short, Aperio® saves energy, and saves you money.

Q (ASSA ABLOY): What kinds of openings can Aperio® components secure?

Aperio® locks are compatible with Euro, French, Finnish, Scandinavian and Swiss door profiles, for exterior and interior doors, and for security doors. There are even Aperio® locks for server racks, which companies can use onsite or in a co-located data centre, if needed.

Q (Axis): Is extensive training required for system administrators to be able to manage all types of door connected to Axis Entry Manager?

AXIS Entry Manager is a web-based access control system and very easy to use. Aperio® wireless doors connected to an AXIS A1001 Door Controller are just as easy to manage as hard-wired doors. Both the Axis and ASSA ABLOY products are easy to set up and manage. Users are going to appreciate how intuitive it is to manage this integrated solution.

Q (ASSA ABLOY): What about site users — staff, contractors, visitors? Will they notice much difference?

The newly integrated locks run the latest Aperio® V3 technology, ensuring remote unlocking commands pass from system to an Aperio® equipped door almost instantly. So, nobody will be hanging around at a door waiting! Users open both wired doors and Aperio® wireless controlled doors with the same card, employing standard RFID technologies like iCLASS®, MIFARE, DESFire, HID Prox/EM410 and Seos®. Users experience no disruption to their routines, while facility managers have more visibility and more control over their premises. It’s a win–win situation.

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