Antrica unveiled a new RTMP streaming feature

Antrica unveiled a new RTMP streaming feature

Antrica unveiled a new RTMP streaming feature

New RTMP streaming feature released for the ANT-35000A video encoder: RTMP forwarding to YouTube server allowing ‘live’ broadcasting in 1080P60 to unlimited multiple viewers

Antrica, a worldwide supplier of H264 video encoding and streaming solutions, unveiled the new RTMP streaming feature of the ANT-35000A encoder. RTMP Streaming enables users to stream live content up to 1080P60 via the RTMP protocol, with unlimited end users being able to view worldwide.

Currently multi casting is limited to the LAN, however this feature allows users to create a ‘multicast scenario’ which reaches into the WAN/Internet, this allows unlimited viewers to access the ‘live’ feed. The feed can be password protected to secure sensitive information, but can also be made public. You Tube Live Steaming can be viewed on the YouTube website or embedded in a third party web page.

Cost wise, the gain of this feature is infinite as it opens the door to allowing users to broadcast Full HD Video free of charge, to an audience of their choice, once the hardware is in place. Put simply, 1 encoder per origin feed (ANT-35000A) and users broadcast free to an unlimited audience.

One benefit to name a few of streaming in this method via RTMP using youtube is that YouTube ascertains in-depth statistics on client viewers, giving the user inside information into who is viewing the content and where. From a marketing perspective this is key information for any company. Another benefit is that with RTMP streaming the encoder can be transported to third party locations and will stream to YouTube without further changes to the network or Router. Plug and Play streaming.

Les Litwin Sales Director of Antrica commented :

“A real life example of this application could be broadcasting a ‘live’ training or medical event to multiple worldwide employees. Cost wise this feature could save any business a significant amount of travel expenses, while keeping employees up to date with all the information they need. Major differences between Live streaming and say Go To Meeting is the quality of the video is nearly identical to the original, 1920 x 1080 at 60 frames/ second.”

The ANT-35000A is available for purchase from Antrica, and this feature is available now – please contact to discuss your specific requirements.

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