Antrica launches new HD Video over IP Encoder Decoder for CCTV applications

ANT-4000 encoder and decoder
ANT-4000 encoder and decoder

ANT-4000 encoder and decoder

Antrica is launching one of the highest quality video encoders and decoders for HD video over IP applications at 1920 x1080 P60 but at much lower prices than other competing products. Companies who wish to send PC desktops over IP , Full HD video content or Medical scanner video over a network will find the ANT-4000 encoder decoder combination can achieve this in under 30mS end to end latency (delay). Offering a true 1080P60 performance twice the performance of the majority of HD video broadcast today

Antrica will start shipping the ANT-4000 encoder and decoder in July 2011 at under £1500 for a complete 1080P60 video over IP link and stereo audio with near zero delay over the network. Supporting HDCP offers the ability to stream movie content , CCTV images, IPTV or medical images over the internet or Local Area Network .The ANT-4000 Encoder Decoder supports HDMI DVI VGA inputs plus stereo audio over IP.

Les Litwin Sales Director of Antrica commented “ The truly unique feature of the ANT-4000 encoder decoder is not just the superb image quality but its the near zero encode decode delay (latency) which sets the ANT-4000 apart from its rivals. Imagine a Consultant watching a live operation over the network and talking to the operating room staff, if there is any time delay between the live image and one seen by the consultant it could be disastrous.”

The ANT-4000 will retail at under US$1300 for a fullHD 1080P60 encoder traditionally sold at nearly double this price. Antrica are sampling customers now and are seeking distributers in each country.

Antrica is a division of Zilica Ltd , founded in the year 1999 Zilica supplies Video Microchips to the European designers and manufacturers of CCTV equipment. Antrica specializes in finished equipment for video over IP applications and currently supplies to numerous government and Local projects including motorways, police, broadcast, motor racing and medical.

For additional information contact: Les Litwin Sales Director +44 1628 626098

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