Andrew Denton, Meyertech Sales Manager, Talks About Nano


meyertechAndrew Denton, Meyertech Sales Manager, talks about Nano

Following the preview of Nano at last month’s CCTV User Group conference Sales Manager, Andrew Denton talks about what exactly Nano is, what it does and when you can get your hands on it.

nanoWe’ve heard a lot about Nano and even seen it previewed, but what exactly is it?

Nano is the first VMS application created exclusively for ONVIF camera networks. Users can view live images and control PTZ enabled cameras as well as record and review images.

What benefits does it offer?

Simplicity and flexibility. There is no setup required by the user. Nano features automatic camera detection which makes setting up an ONVIF camera network a breeze. Additionally, Nano allows network cameras to record to a variety of different mediums such as USB, NAS, CD’s etc. This is ideal for systems that don’t have recording capability.

There are three versions of Nano. So what is the difference between them?

Nano is available in 3 versions currently, Nano 4, Nano, 9 and Nano 18. Each version represents the number of cameras Nano VMS is able to display at the same time.

onvifWhy is Nano the ‘must have’ ONVIF VMS?

Nano can be installed on any PC which has access to an ONVIF camera network and because each user is licenced individually, there is no limit to the number of users that a system can accommodate. Nano also allows users to record cameras without the need for a digital recorder (DVR), which is ideal for smaller systems, where conserving costs is a key priority. The biggest differentiator though is that Nano discovers ONVIF devices and a device, for example an encoder, may have sixteen cameras connected to it which means Nano 4 can view up to sixty-four cameras.

Can Nano be used with other Meyertech products & systems?

Yes. Nano works independently of, for example, FUSION VMS, so it can co-exist on the same network as FUSION.

Is training required to use Nano and its features?

Nano has been designed from the ground-up to be intuitive and very easy, the need for training has been eliminated which is important as training takes time and can be a significant expenditure to an operation

How is Nano pioneering ONVIF as an open standard?

Nano is built on the principles of ONVIF. Meyertech developed Nano VMS to encourage the proliferation of ONVIF conformant devices. Nano eliminates the pain users often experience configuring and operating cameras on IP networks

Is it true that Nano 4 is free and how can users get a copy?

Nano 4 is available free of charge via our website. Just follow the link Nano 9 and Nano 18 require the purchase of a licence but that does give you access to support

When will Nano be available?

Nano is scheduled for a worldwide release in June 2014

To register your interest visit – NANO Registration

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