AMG to showcase PanoCam360 at BEST event

British Exhibition of Security Technology
British Exhibition of Security Technology

British Exhibition of Security Technology 2012

British Exhibition of Security Technology (BEST) brings together the best of British and Irish manufacturers in London to allow visitors to view and try top-end security equipment in an unpressurised environment.

AMG, the British manufacturer of sophisticated 5 Megapixel cameras and CCTV transmission solutions, will be giving live demonstrations of PanoCam360 – the 5 megapixel 360 degree camera and it’s new ‘Track ‘n Trace’ built in capabilities – at the BEST exhibition in the Victory Services Club, Marble Arch, London, on October 23-24, 2012.

Sara Bullock, Sales & Marketing Director of AMG Group, says, “BEST is a perfect platform for reaching a large part of our UK based clients and partners and we’re looking forward to showcasing our new Track ‘n Trace solution. The camera is ideal for a wide spectrum of applications and there is particular interest from the Retail sector where a number of trials are progressing in the UK and abroad. As well as the ‘natural’ application of tracking shoplifters from a loss prevention point of view, retailers increasingly want to track people’s movement patterns in the store and apply video analytics to the footage. Using the results of these investigations, they can implement incentives to increase sales and drive productivity improvements.”

“Normally, you would need multiple cameras to track a person’s movements. This can now be done with a single PanoCam360 mounted in the ceiling for a birds-eye view. The camera allows for up to 14 live panoramic and ePTZ streams whilst simultaneously recording the full scene. The PanoCam360 streams 12.5 frames per second and the on-board de-warping reduces the processing requirement back in the control room. Offering up to 14 de-warped video streams/independent camera views simultaneously alongside the full-resolution fish-eye view makes PanoCam360 the most powerful and versatile 360 degree camera range available. The camera is completely developed and manufactured in the UK and works on an open software platform, which makes it very easy to integrate, and the SDK we provide facilitates de-warping and enables electronic-PTZ playback. At BEST we will also be showing some of our acclaimed transmission solutions – both for Wireless and Fibre optic transmission.”

BEST takes place on October 23 and October 24 at the Victory Services Club, near Marble Arch in London. The show is free to attend provided visitors have registered in advance. For more information about BEST and to register for the show, please visit

PanoCam360 is shortlisted for the UK Security Excellence Awards 2012 in the ‘Innovation of the Year’ category. For more information about the camera and AMG’s transmission solutions – or to book a demonstration – please contact


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