AMG Systems’ Wonderbox range carried by technology partner Norbain

wonderboxAMG, the British manufacturer of CCTV transmission solutions and sophisticated 5 Megapixel cameras, have entered an agreement with Norbain SD Ltd. The agreement will see AMG’s Wonderbox – a series of ruggedised Ethernet switches launched in 2013, integrated into Norbain’s product range and marketed to all major Systems Integrators in the UK

Sara Bullock, AMG Systems

Sara Bullock, Sales & Marketing Director of AMG Group

Sara Bullock, Sales & Marketing Director of AMG Group, says, “We are delighted with Norbain’s decision to incorporate the Wonderbox range into their existing product portfolio. The Wonderbox is AMG’s combination of Analogue and IP systems, supporting easy integration of low-speed serial data channels and alarm contacts, alongside analogue and IP video, onto an Ethernet backbone. AMG’s ability to develop products in close response to both customer and market needs has underpinned the company’s success over 20+ years, and this is reflected in the Wonderbox. Its introduction into Norbain’s product range will ensure that AMG’s foothold here in the UK, the epicentre of the industry, will be strengthened.  With Norbain’s wide reach into the Systems Integrator community we are expecting to see an increase in demand for this revolutionary product series.

Andrew Pigram, Technical Director of Norbain

Andrew Pigram, Technical Director of Norbain

Andrew Pigram, Technical Director of Norbain, says, “We have a long standing relationship, over many years, with AMG Systems. Their technology has been – and still is – very innovative. They aim to facilitate better usage of the infrastructure and, although AMG’s world could be considered very specialist, they have expert knowhow within the sectors they work with and they’re extremely good at supporting large complex systems. Their products are very easy to install and work with.  A key point is that their training is very good, as is their pre-sales support, which is very valuable when we embark on new projects. With the ‘Wonderbox’ AMG has delivered a solution which allows complex installations to move into the IP world, whilst retaining their existing infrastructure. We welcome the product into our portfolio and I am convinced that our customers will appreciate the value they can get from implementing it.  As a result, I expect that Norbain will have an increased sale of AMG products in 2014-2015.”

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