AMG provides transmission solution for Oman fertiliser plant

OMIFCO Fertiliser Plant, Oman
OMIFCO Fertiliser Plant, Oman

OMIFCO Fertiliser Plant, Oman

OMAN India Fertiliser Company – OMIFCO – operates a world class two-train ammonia-urea fertiliser plant on the coast of the Sultanate of OMAN

AMG, the world leading manufacturer of transmission solutions, announces that they have supplied their AMG3700 series transmission solution for the new integrated security & surveillance solution at the OMIFCO fertiliser plant in OMAN.

The solution has been implemented by Majees Technical Services LLC, Oman’s leading systems integrator for large scale plant security solutions and Oil & Gas sites.

Mr. Sekhar Subramonian, General Manager at Majees says, “The OMIFCO plant is located on the coast south of Muscat and has facilities for ships docking and loading, as all the production output is exported for use in India. The security & surveillance solution is very comprehensive and includes CCTV, Access Control, and PIDS on the fences, as well as key tracking, all of which are integrated into the Security Management System. Additional Access Control systems are provided, along with turnstiles and quick folding gates. The transmission solution has been designed as a Drop-and-Insert ring solution with 50% spare capacity for future proofing. As the site is so massive, this was the most cost effective transmission system design, as using more conventional point-to-point systems would have massively increased the required cable infrastructure. We have also integrated capabilities for the perimeter intruder detection system to interact with the CCTV solution via the SMS. The solution includes 64 cameras, of which 35 are PTZ, as well as a number of Thermal Imaging cameras, which are operated on separate data channels. All CCTV video signals are transmitted as uncompressed, real-time, with zero latency to the on-site control room. With such a large number of different systems to integrate into the transmission solution, we worked with AMG Systems to facilitate the use of multiple data protocols . We found that our requirements for customizing the equipment were easily implemented and this includes adding daughter boards to allow for all the data communications required. Specifically, we had a need for some changes to the daughter boards both at transmission and receiver end and they work just fine. I would like to commend AMG for their excellent aftersales and technical support throughout the project.”

Technical Sales Manager for the Middle East Mr. Roy Cummings of AMG Systems says, “We have previously worked with Majees on a number of very large projects such as the Integrated Security & Surveillance solution for OMAN LNG. The OMIFCO project is equally large and complex and it was a pleasure to work again with Majees Technical Services on this project.. . The entire solution is now up and running and the unique modular nature of the AMG3700 solution implemented, along with the spare capacity which has been built into the solution, will ensure that further expansions can be accommodated easily, with no need for additional cabling.”

OMIFCO is short for OMAN INDIA Fertiliser Company S.A.O.C. The company is owned 50% by Oman Oil Company SAOC (OOC), 25% by

Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited (IFFCO) & 25% by Krishak Bharati Cooperative Limited (KRIBHCO). OMIFCO has been established, as the result of an initiative by the Governments of Oman & India. The first ammonia and urea ship export respectively took place in June 2005. Since commissioning, both trains of Ammonia and Urea Plants have been operating consistently more than rated capacity and OMIFCO has established several own bench marks in the area of production and capacity utilization since then.


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