AMG-Panogenics enters OEM partnership agreement with Tecton

Tecton's Liberator Recorder is now integrated with PanoCam360
Tecton's Liberator Recorder is now integrated with PanoCam360

Tecton's Liberator Recorder is now integrated with PanoCam360

PanoCam360 integrated into all Tecton’s recording solutions

AMG-Panogenics, the British manufacturer of sophisticated 5 Megapixel cameras, is pleased to announce that the company has entered an OEM partnership agreement with Tecton Ltd, the UK based designer, developer and manufacturers of Closed Circuit Video Equipment (CCTV ) for commercial, security, government and broadcast applications. Under the new agreement, Tecton will integrate PanoCam360 into all their Video Management Systems complementing Tecton’s unique range of British made products, fully capable of making the most of HD video.

Founder and MD of Tecton, Chris Hall, says, “Whilst working with a client on a large high security CCTV recording system, Tecton was asked to recommend a good HD omni-directional video source. After testing, Tecton didn’t hesitate to recommend the AMG-Panogenics PanoCam360 model, which is now fully integrated with our range of HD recording products. Our customers expect Tecton to deliver superior quality video and we were happy to be able to do this with the AMG-Panogenics camera.”

CTO of AMG-Panogenics, David Myers, says, “Tecton has a really interesting client base in the UK in particular and a well-deserved reputation for delivering sophisticated CCTV solutions in very demanding environments. The company is dedicated to supplying technologically advanced security solutions and their focus on quality and customer service matches the ethos AMG-Panogenics works with. I have no doubt that Tecton will find a number of interesting projects where PanoCam360 will add value and save costs, and we’re looking forward to a fruitful relationship over the coming years.”


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