AMG-Panogenics and i³ to showcase cutting edge technology at ASIS

360 Camera image on i3's analytics software
360 Camera image on i3's analytics software

360 Camera image on i3’s analytics software

AMG-Panogenics, the British manufacturer of sophisticated 5 Megapixel cameras, and i³, Canadian based leader in digital video technology will be offering live demonstrations of their cutting edge technology at the i³ stand at ASIS International which takes place in Philadelphia USA, September 10-13 2012. Now running for the 58th time ASIS is considered the world’s most comprehensive educational and networking event in the security industry. With more than 20,000 security professionals from across the industry and around the world gathering, the event sees 700+ exhibiting companies demonstrating cutting-edge products and services, supported by a comprehensive high quality educational session and seminar programme.

Executive VP of Sales and Marketing, Vy Hoang of i³ international says, “ASIS is a perfect platform for reaching a large part of our audience and we’re looking forward to showcasing our integrated solution with the PanoCam360.  Interested parties will also benefit from us having the support of AMG-Panogenics at the show, ready to answer all technical questions. There are a number of reasons why we have chosen to work with AMG-Panogenics. First and foremost we’re impressed with the robust quality of the camera and especially with the on-board dewarping facility which is very clean and easy to use. We have a large market in the Retail sector in particular, where companies increasingly want to track people’s walking patterns in the store as well as other behavioral activities. Normally, you would need multiple cameras to track a person’s movements. This can now be done with a single PanoCam360 mounted in the ceiling for birds-eye view. The camera allows for up to 14 live panoramic and ePTZ streams whilst simultaneously allowing us to record the full scene. This is very important in terms of the subsequent efficiency studies we conduct in terms of how people are moving and how we track their movements with our video analytics. We can see applications in schools, where a single camera mounted in a hallway junction can cover the hallways leading off in other directions. Furthermore there are several applications in other government facilities in the pipeline. We have also been showcasing the camera integrated with our Video management System in Mexico and other Latin American markets, so we definitely see a unique market for the product”.

David Myers, CTO of AMG-Panogenics, comments, “PanoCam360 streams 12.5 frames per second and the on-board de-warping reduces the processing requirement back in the control room. Offering up to 14 de-warped video streams/independent camera views simultaneously alongside the full-resolution fish-eye view makes PanoCam360 the most powerful and versatile 360 degree camera range available. The camera is completely developed and manufactured in the UK and works on an open software platform, which makes it very easy to integrate, and the SDK we provide facilitates de-warping and enables electronic-PTZ playback. i³ has a fantastic platform for bringing the PanoCam360 to market. They are a world renowned organisation with a vast global network of partners, integrators and dealers. The company is dedicated to supplying technologically advanced security solutions and their focus on quality and customer service matches the ethos AMG-Panogenics works with”.

i³ is exhibiting at Booth 431 at ASIS. To register – or see more about the show – visit:

PanoCam360 is shortlisted for the UK Security Excellence Awards 2012  in the ‘Innovation of the Year’ category. For more information about the camera or to book a demonstration, please contact


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