AMG introduces new range of UTP devices and IP extenders

AMG 1000 series

AMG 1000 series

AMG 1000 series

New series of low cost, active UTP devices allow for transmission of real time colour or monochrome Video up to 1200 metres over standard telephone wires.

AMG Systems Ltd. announces the launch of a range of active UTP Devices and IP Extenders – the AMG 1000 series.

Founder and MD of AMG Systems, Dr Alan Hayes, says, “The active UTP devices have been developed as part of our new integrated CCTV UTP (unshielded twisted pair) system. They provide a reliable, high quality, flexible and expandable solution that can be used in existing structured wiring – which is good news for many installers as it typically allows for savings on the infrastructure. The products are specifically designed to provide unparalleled immunity against interference, which means that video signals can now co-exist in the same wire bundle as telephone, data communication signals and low voltage circuits – with no degradation to the video.

“The new AMG 1212 and AMG 1213 ranges of active IP extenders allow the transmission of 50 Mbps TCI/IP over existing coaxial or CAT 5 cables up to 1.2 Km in length. The products are completely transparent to protocols, codes and applications, thus ensuring compatibility with any IP camera and its management software, and are perfect for sending IP video links to remote cameras situated beyond the usual 100 metres limit imposed by CAT5 Ethernet.”

Active UTP Devices @ a Glance

•             Real-time video over unshielded twisted pair cable

•             Transmit up to 1200 metres

•             One to sixteen video outputs

•             Colour or monochrome video

•             Interference immune

•             Built-in transient protection

•             1,4 or 16 channel receiver options

Active IP Extenders @ a Glance

•             IP camera signal over existing Coax cable up to 1200 metres

•             Extend IP cameras beyond 100 metre limit imposed by CAT5 IP standard – up to 1200 metres

•             ldeal for low cost upgrade of tradition analogue cameras to IP using existing cable

•             Link speed 20 Mbps – 50 Mbps depending on cable length

•             Easy Plug ‘n Play installation

he AMG 1000 Series also comprise a range of passive products for both UTP and Coax.

About AMG Systems
AMG Systems Ltd. is a leading provider of video and communication transmission solutions designed for CCTV surveillance operations in the Transportation and Security Sectors. The company is a global supplier which offers a full range of transmission technologies including multimode and singlemode video, data and audio fibre optic transmission systems; single & multi-channel unshielded twisted pair (UTP) links for video, data & audio; multi-port Ethernet switches for the transmission of IP based solutions over fibre, and both analogue and digital wireless products for the transmission of video & data. As a result AMG transmission solutions have been successfully implemented in many high profile projects throughout the world. Projects include supplying the transmission system for the UK’s NRTS project, using the innovative Guardian-Lite™ 3700 system, and the security and surveillance of the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, Qatar. AMG have completed projects for Airports, Rail, Ports, Industrial and commercial sites, sports and leisure facilities, Town and City centres, Military, Universities and hospitals. More information can be found on

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