AMG and Video Insight in strategic US partnership

Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 14.55.47AMG Systems and Video Insight have announced that AMG-Panogenics’ 5 megapixel 360 degree PanoCam360 cameras  is now integrated with Video Insight’s Version 5.5 VMS Enterprise solution.

The strategic partnership is hailed by both companies as a significant move for introducing AMG-Panogenics’ range of cameras to the wider educational market in the US, where Video Insight has a strong customer base with local governments, school districts and universities.

David Earthman, Head of International Development at Video Insight

David Earthman, Head of International Development at Video Insight

David Earthman, head of international development at Video Insight, said:” Our Enterprise Video Management Suite Version 5.5 is based on an open platform, and it fits neatly with AMG-Panogenics’ 360 degree camera range. Traditionally Video Insight has a very strong customer base in the Educational market where we work with more than 4500 schools and campuses. A school district – and we work with many on top level – can have between 2 and 55 schools depending on geographical location and density of the population. We also work with more than 200 Universities, including Harvard University, as well as airports, where JFK in New York use our software. Outside of having integrated more than 1800 different cameras from multiple suppliers, we’re also working with Access Control partners, where we’re adding new products and drivers daily. Our new Version 5.5 is a 64 bit application which allows us to run up to 500 cameras on a single server.  We have found that PanoCam360 lends itself incredibly well to our markets, and we’re looking forward to a very fruitful partnership with AMG.”

Sara Bullock, international sales and marketing director at AMG Group, said, “The US market is very important for AMG. We’ve recently come back from ISC West where we showcased our camera range and launched PaNVR360 – affectionately known as ‘mini’TotemCam360. As the US market is so large, it is very clear to us that we need strong strategic partnerships to cover the market, both from a geographical point of view, as well as from a vertical market point of view.  Video Insight is an ideal partner for us, as the US educational market in particularly, has come strongly to our attention for applications using the feature/functionality that our camera range offers. I am, therefore, delighted to announce this new strategic partnership with Video Insight.”

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