AMG’s transmissions solutions will be on show at IFSEC India

On the back of its range of transmission solutions, AMG System Ltd says it is experiencing strong growth in India and will be demonstrating its confidence in the market by exhibiting at IFSEC India.

Sara Bullock, international sales and marketing director at AMG Systems

Sara Bullock, international sales and marketing director at AMG Systems

International Sales & Marketing Director Sara Bullock says, “AMG Systems has built a very strong customer base in India and we continue to see an increase in projects from a market which is clearly growing. We’ve recently expanded our local team, and IFSEC India is a unique opportunity for us in terms of meeting new and existing clients and partners and discussing their requirements.”

To underscore its expertise in the technology and its understanding of the Indian market, AMG will be presenting a seminar at the show entitled “The Technologies and Topologies of CCTV Transmission Networks”.

AMG’s Technical Support Manager Roy Cummings will be giving the seminar presentation and he says, “Transmission is often the overlooked element in large security and surveillance projects. We believe that the reason the transmission element is often less talked about – although it’s a pre-condition for the systems operation and efficiency – may be due to the fact that it’s rather taken for granted that a transmission network will be available and because it is considered less ‘sexy’ than, for example, a new camera.

“Because the transmission network is not immediately visible i.e. the cables that carry the signals are buried and the transmitters and receivers are often just ‘black boxes’ which go into either a rack in the control room in the case of the receiver, or are installed somewhere close to, or even integrated with the camera housing, all you really see is a cable with a connector. However, it should be pointed out that the right choice of transmission technology can facilitate cost savings and help future proof a solution. So it is necessary to think long term and strategically when you design the transmission network solution, especially when it comes to wide area networks, and observation critical networks, such as Traffic Management or wide area perimeter applications.”

AMG will be showing the following transmission solutions at IFSEC India:

  • Guardian-Lite™ 3700 – AMG’s flagship transmission series which has won wide acclaim around the globe. Many large reference projects such as the Traffic Management solution for Dublin City Centre and surrounding motorways, several traffic management and toll road projects in India, Dublin’s Light Rail ‘The LUAS’  and the UK Highways Agency’s NRTS project all rely on the 3700 transmission technology. The new ‘state of the art’ Hindhead Tunnel in South East England will also use the 3700 series for the CCTV transmission.
  • Guardian-Lite™ 4700 – designed for low cost multi-channel point-to-point video transmission over singlemode fibre – together with associated Ethernet, low speed data and audio signals this transmission series is plug ‘n play, easy to install.  Reference projects include two projects in Arad Bay in Bahrain, several large scale Shopping Malls and the prestigious Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, Qatar.
  • Vision™ 5000 – AMG recently launched the World’s Most Sophisticated Single Channel Transmitter as part of an enhancement to the 5000 series. In addition to high resolution video at 728 TV Lines the transmitter – which is as small as the size of your palm (55 x 55 x 26 mm) and weighing only 150g – can now achieve transmission distances in excess of 7 km on multimode fibre (Vision 5600) and more than 40 km with the Vision 5700 singlemode version.
  • AMG 9000™ Series – A New Innovative Range of Ruggedized Ethernet Switches. The 9000 series has specifically been designed to meet the high reliability requirements for rugged outdoor and harsh industrial environments with extended temperature requirements. Perfectly suited to the environmental conditions found many places in India.
  • Skywave™ –  AMG’s  Analogue and Digital Wireless Transmission product series offering   transmission distances up to 10km and suitable for global use. Skywave enables wireless
    • connection of CCTV cameras to monitoring and recording equipment. Licence exempt
    • operation in the 5.8GHz band (compliant with R&TTE directive) and offers 6 Channels (3
    • non interfering), switch selectable. Skywave has a Digital (alarm) channel option and an
    • Audio channel, or second alarm channel option.

IFSEC India takes place on 23-25 November 2010 at the Bombay Exhibition Centre, Goregaon (E) in Mumbai.

AMG will be exhibiting on Stand D35 G in the British Pavilion.

The technical seminar presentation takes place in the Technical Seminar Area Hall 1 Area F5 on Tuesday November 23rd 11:45 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.

About AMG Systems

AMG Systems Ltd. is a leading provider of video and communication transmission solutions designed for CCTV surveillance operations in the Transportation and Security Sectors. The company is a global supplier which offers a full range of transmission technologies including multimode and singlemode video, data and audio fibre optic transmission systems; single & multi channel unshielded twisted pair (UTP) links for video, data & audio; multi-port Ethernet switches for the transmission of IP based solutions over fibre, and both analogue and digital wireless products for the transmission of video & data. As a result AMG transmission solutions have been successfully implemented in many high profile projects throughout the world. Projects include supplying the transmission system for the UK’s NRTS project, using the innovative Guardian-Lite™ 3700 system, and the security and surveillance of the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, Qatar. AMG have completed projects for Airports, Rail, Ports, Industrial and commercial sites, sports and leisure facilities, Town and City centres, Military, Universities and hospitals. More information can be found on

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