American Dynamics unveils expansion to HD IP Camera line

Z2DsMaKF4nyJYBJdgfrnnHTsCrMDtvIW9utvlscvJq4American Dynamics has announced its Illustra 600 Series of high definition (HD) IP box and bullet cameras, offering high-quality levels of low-light performance.

The Illustra 600 Series Box and Bullet cameras deliver exceptional HD video quality in all lighting conditions.  The True Day/Night and Wide Dynamic Range features provide superior low-light performance, saving on bandwidth and storage costs.   In industries such as banking, retail, aviation or any business where there are large banks of windows that cause fluctuating lighting conditions, these cameras are an ideal choice. The Illustra 600 Series Box and Bullet cameras offer 720p and 1080p resolution and are available in three different models.

The 600LT models are ideal for smaller businesses such as a bank branches, small retail outlets or physician’s offices who may only need 720p resolution. The LT models contain many of the powerful features included in the 600 models, delivering high-definition and excellent video quality with a few exceptions: no audio, SD card and dry contact inputs The LT models benefits those businesses that have 16 or fewer cameras, as well as larger businesses that don’t require full-featured HD cameras for all of their locations, providing significant cost savings.

Cw4KyWA4iEv_RaYCIgq7DZUZuiQoUfG2Y6q1L7otcfo,w9MvDbvePd30c89aLs3XP4a3ebPfy6XQCjVkjYFo0FoThe Illustra 600 Box cameras can be used with a variety of lenses and housings, making them a very versatile option for all types of industries and businesses of all sizes.   From a small local convenience store focusing on its cash registers, to an organization with many buildings and parking lots at various distances, these cameras suit each specific security need.

The 600 and 610 bullet cameras feature remarkable one-touch auto-focus functionality which allows installers to control the lens zoom and automatically adjust the focus from the camera’s web interface – all with the click of a mouse. This remote focus capability saves the cost of a ‘truck roll’, avoiding an expensive maintenance call. The rugged weatherproof IP66 enclosure on the bullet camera stands up to any type of weather conditions.

“The new Illustra Box and Bullet cameras provide our customers with a full suite of high-definition cameras, with a variety of models geared to meet their specific needs,” stated Stephan Beckmann, product marketing manager, EMEA, American Dynamics.   “The feature sets of each of these cameras make them an all around excellent choice when time savings and cost matter to your organization’s security and bottom line.”

The Illustra 600 Box and Bullet cameras are compatible with American Dynamics VideoEdge NVRs and Hybrids, and are ONVIF-compliant, providing customers with greater flexibility in their choice of recording platforms.

These cameras are available through American Dynamics’ worldwide distribution channels.


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