Altronix introduces new IP video and data over coaxial cable

eBridge1CRT & eBridge16CR
eBridge1CRT & eBridge16CR

eBridge1CRT & eBridge16CR

Advantages Include Infrastructure Sustainability and Extended Transmission Distances                                         

Altronix, the leading manufacturer of low voltage power supplies and peripherals for the electronic security industry, introduces a highperformance and cost-effective solution that transmits IP video and data over coaxial cable more than 2,000 feet without the need for repeaters. On display here at ISC West, new Altronix eBridge Ethernet Adapters make it possible to use legacy coaxinfrastructure with the latest IP video surveillance and access control devices without the cost of installing new cabling.

“Repurposing coax cable for IP applications has many economic advantages, including elimination of the labor costs to pull new wire, the cost of new cabling, and the costs of removing unused wire,” said Alan Forman, President, Altronix. “The ability to transmit video and data over longer distances is another advantage, especially in industrial environments, casinos, schools, airports, retail facilities and hospitals.”

Each paired set of eBridge1CT Ethernet transceivers and eBridge1CR Ethernet receiver enables fast 10/100Base-T Ethernet digital communication to be transmitted over coax cable. The plug-and-play eBridge1CRT receiver and transceiver kit accommodates multiple IP cameras and devices over a single coax cable or one IP camera with composite video and data simultaneously. Also on display are the new eBridge16CR 1U rack-mount Ethernet receiver with 16 channels, and the new eBridge4CR receiver with 4 channels.


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