Alternative temporary security cordon unveiled by Zaun SecureGuard

Zaun SecureGuard

Temporary high security fence system specialist Zaun SecureGuard has launched its latest rapid-deploy high-security fence.
The AssetGuard is an alternative to Zaun’s SecureGuard, which was used at last year’s Nuclear Security Summit in The Hague, Glasgow Commonwealth Games and NATO Conference in South Wales.

SecureGuard was developed specifically for the 2013 G8 Summit in Northern Ireland with crash barrier experts Highway Care. SecureGuard is a mobile high security range of products all tested to PAS68:2010 to withstand multiple attacks by a 7.5 tonne truck at speeds of 20, 30 and 50mph without them breaching a security perimeter.

The AssetGuard has been developed with Asset International, a subsidiary of Hill & Smith, which manufactures and supplies specialist safety barrier systems throughout the world, including its FlexBeam, FlexBeam Plus and Hi-Flex barriers for highways, motorways and dual carriageways, which are tested to EN1317.

The Varioguard barriers used on AssetGuard are just under 4m, compared to 12m on SecureGuard, meaning it can handle ground undulations more easily. The fence posts are secured to the barrier by a new adapter plate bracket, while bolts have been added at right angles to the barrier to brace it and facilitate lifting into place.

The high security ‘cordons’ have been in-house mob tested to ensure they will repel would-be attackers and still maintain a secure perimeter.
Both can be rapidly installed and are ideal alongside public access perimeter road networks. They are also ideal for applications such as utility plants, as no below-ground foundations are needed so they can be used on soft and hard standing.

They give protection up to 3.5m in height and can incorporate above ground foundation pedestrian and vehicle gates, turnstiles and access portals, along with CCTV columns and PID systems.

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