Allegion CISA eGO and eSIGNO offer seamless room locking solutions

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Allegion CISA eGO and eSIGNO offer seamless room locking solutions

Elegant Italian design, contactless experience and no wiring – these features form the basis for the Allegion CISA eGO and eSIGNO leading locking solutions, the company says, which have been designed to create a seamless customer experience in the hospitality industry.

According to PwC’s ongoing Consumer Intelligence Series, which interviewed more than 1,000 business and leisure travelers, service and experience is valued very highly by hospitality customers. In fact, 26 percent of business travelers make it their most valued factor a hotel can offer, while 23 percent of leisure travelers do as well.

Business travelers of all ages, along with leisure travelers ages 30+, also value personalised experiences, according to the survey. An efficient and courteous check-in process is essential to achieve a positive guest experience and for driving customer loyalty.

With this in mind, CISA’s eGO and eSIGNO contactless locks are specified with near-field communications technology, making them user-friendly for guests, who simply have to hold the keycard to the lock to gain access to approved rooms. The locks are also powered by off-the-shelf batteries and do not require wiring, making them easy to fit for first time installations and for retrofitting.

Allegion CISA eGO and eSIGNO offer seamless room locking solutionsArea Sales Manager for Hospitality and Electronic Access Control at Allegion, Trevor Ball commented:

“Gaining customer loyalty in hospitality requires attention to even the smallest detail. We know that what guests want after travelling long distances is a smooth check-in process, and contactless functionality makes a real difference between frustration and delight.”

While both locks stem from the same family, the eSIGNO offers the additional benefit of being able to be tied to an online system. This offers hotel operations staff greater usability and security benefits. The system means staff can remotely manage cards, monitor any unusual events or be warned of card and battery expiry. It also allows users to see a door’s status, e.g. if the door is open, in privacy mode, in operation or how many attempts there have been made to open the door.

Added Ball:Allegion CISA eGO and eSIGNO offer seamless room locking solutions

“While guests’ convenience is a high priority, the locks have also been developed to give better control over security for hoteliers. With room security making headlines recently, it was crucial that we developed our locks to be as sophisticated as possible in terms of security, while also being easy to use for staff.”

Developed in Italy, the locks have inherited an Italian chic and elegant design. Both locks’ external and internal plates are made from aluminium. eGO is available in a single style with the handle cover in nylon black plastic and finished in satin silver, while the more premium eSIGNO is available in a range of styles and colours.

For more information on the CISA eGO and eSIGNO, please contact Allegion directly on 0121 380 2400.

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