Allegion launches ‘clearly informed’ in-store guides

Allegion launches ‘clearly informed’ in-store guides

Allegion launches ‘clearly informed’ in-store guides

When buying door hardware, correct product selection has a number of important safety considerations. The purchase of products that are unsuitable for a particular application and not correctly certified is an ever-present danger.

In line with its commitment to keep people safe and secure, Allegion has launched a new range of point of sales materials that focus on giving buyers clear product and usage information for its range of Briton products.

Briton is already a very recognisable brand in the industry, and its bright orange colour makes its products stand out from the crowd, but the focus of these new in-store materials will be to make sure that the correct products for an application can be found quickly and easily.

Displayed nationwide across all participating stores that stock Briton products, materials include classifications guides, bus stop boards, product selectors, product display boards, shelf wobblers and stickers. Bus stop boards remind those responsible for installing and maintaining fire door hardware to make sure the products they choose are certified, installed and functioning correctly. An easy-to-use checklist promotes higher standard of fire door inspection and maintenance. Briton exit hardware and door closer product selectors make choosing products simple.

Used as a reference guide, builders and installers can be sure that they are selecting the right product for their application depending on type of doors, its location and its usage.

An easy to understand and handy classifications guide is also available as a takeaway, so those who use and install Briton products can ensure they are clued up on EN Classifications and CE Marking to meet with the latest building regulations.

Suzanne Taylor-Turnbull, marketing manager at Allegion says:

“Point of sales materials aren’t just there to increase recognition, we also want to bring fire safety to the forefront. So we’re giving away classifications guides and other fire safety information to increase awareness and promote compliant installation and maintenance of fire doors, as well as the vital role of certified and compatible ironmongery. Our Briton range features certified fire door hardware and the new point of sale materials make it simple to choose the best hardware for the job, ensuring every door functions as effectively as possible.”

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