AirLive unveil compact dome IP camera with HD resolution


AirLive MD-720

AirLive has announced the brand new AirLive MD-720, an extra-compact and modern dome-type IP camera with high-definition (HD) resolution.

The objective of the development of the brand new AirLive MD-720 was to create a modern, full featured IP camera equipped with a full range of advanced features, while achieving the most compact external dimensions.

Dome-type cameras are preferred in many situations and many types of installation, mainly because their compactness, low profile and resistance to mechanical damage, given its shape. Those benefits brings now the new AirLive MD-720 in amplified form also with added uncompromised high technical and quality specifications.

With the external diameter of only 99 milometers and a height of less than 61 milometers  AirLive MD-720 is extremely compact camera, which is designed for mounting indoors and at the same time doesn’t suffer from a lack of the rich feature set.

Its low-lux sensor provides images with the resolution up to 1280×800 pixels at 30FPS, combined with 2.8mm Wide Angle Lens. Moreover, lens of this camera remains manually adjustable after installation, unlike many competitors in this size class. AirLive MD-720 incorporates microSD slot for easy local video data backup storage and active PoE (according 802.3af) for easy installation without need of electric outlet on installation site.

A very comprehensive list of supported technologies for image enhancement can be found, such as Clear Motion Technology-system to prevent blur of image caused by fast moving objects, or Wide Dynamic Range, helping to accommodate with various lightning conditions, such a strong back light.

With the help of E-PTZ is possible to simulate output of several cameras using single AirLive MD-720. Image data are compressed with modern and powerful H.264 codec, providing optimal compression ratio while maintaining high picture quality. With built-in microphone it is possible to record video with sound, after addition of optional loudspeaker is two-way communication with camera operator possible.

AirLive MD-720 comes with bundled software CamPro Express 64, allowing watch and record video streams from up to 64 connected devices simultaneously. For even higher requirements can be also ordered surveillance software AirLive CamPro Professional, developed by AirLive, containing a variety of advanced video analysis options and user alarms to satisfy even the highest demands of professional surveillance system.

AirLive MD-720 perfectly suits wherever there is a priority compact size without compromising image quality, and technological level.

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