AirLive surveillance networking solution’s on show at Computex 2014

AirLive 2014Computex Inviation bannerAirLive, one of the most advanced international IP Surveillance Networking products and solutions provider, has announced its participation at Computex 2014 (Taipei, Taiwan World Trade Center Hall 1, Booth: C0406). AirLive will showcase its latest Surveillance Networking Solutions innovation products, Live Demo on Objecting by IVS IPCam, Smart Focus IPCam, Speed Dome IPCam, and 5, 3, 2 Megapixels Fisheye IPCam; 4 major topics to complete AirLive Surveillance Solution: AirLive Central (Surveillance Management System) , CoreNVR+CMS, Device Guard PoE Switch, Wireless Surveillance Networking Solution.

AirLive supports vary product lines to provide IP Surveillance Networking Solutions which applied to all applications from Home, Enterprise, Retails, Business (Hotel, Shopping Mall, Restaurant, Bank, Casino), Public Constructions (Station, Train Station, and Airport), WISP, etc. For more information about AirLive products, please visit our website:

IVS (Video Analytics) IPCam Series Enhance tracing the video record easily, and increase system’s efficiency and reduce system’s loading.

AirLive IVS IPCam is ideal for installation in public spaces such as airports, stadiums, border posts, offices, shopping centers and buildings that need to monitor and analyze the movement of people and objects. Besides detection capabilities and Face recognition, these cameras have built-in intelligent video analytics (IVS) that offer a wide range of capabilities extremely useful for implementing a video surveillance system professional level.

This AirLive Speed Dome Series designed for investigating objects with-in 5 seconds. It will be the best solution for big project such as Train Station, Airport, Highway, and other highly-secure buildings. Additional Smart Tracking Function is the best choose for business off-time security.

AirLive Storage management provides options are: 9 & 16 channels CoreNVR (plus CMS), and coming soon 4 channels NVR to support a completed surveillance solution system.

Device Guard Switch is a PoE switch which plays as a guard for the all system, will automatic re-power the PoE IP camera or AP, when the switch detect that particular IP camera or Access Point is not working or disconnected.

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