AirLive PoE Device Guard Switch Solves Surveillance Challenges

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airlive poeBuilding a reliable surveillance system can be challenging. There might be a broadcast storm causing the surveillance video feeds dropping out or freeze, or heavy network traffic during data transferring.

The best way to solve these problems is to create a separate network for private data and surveillance traffic. However, it costs the end users more for additional hardware and cabling. With AirLive PoE Device Guard Switch, you can separate the data and surveillance network with less hardware and cabling, easier deployment, and lower costs.

AirLive, leading worldwide brand for networking and communication equipment, introduced AirLive PoE Device Guard switch series, which can automatically detect the presence of an 802.3at/af compliant powered device (PD) and provide power through the port. The AirLive switch provides up to 30W per PoE port and can be used to power AP, IP phone, IP Cam and other PD devices. AirLive PoE switch equipped with high Power AC/DC power module. It does not require external Power adapter and can power up to 24 PoE devices for PoE-GSH2004L-370 with maximum 370W of power totally, and 8 Port PoE devices for PoE-FSH1008AT with maximum 130W of power totally

Auto Secure (Device Guard) Saving Costs

AirLive Device Guard Switch can automatically re-power the PoE IP cameras and Access Point, whenever IP cameras or Access Point is not working. This intelligent design comes with an advantage of cost saving is considered benefiting enterprise customers the most.

In most cases, IP-cameras and access points are located in places that are not easy to reach. Device Guard Switch monitors the IP cameras or access points by the IP or packet status and will automatically provide power to a device when a non-responsive status is detected. Therefore, both wireless and networks surveillance can run smoothly without extra manually technician support.

airlive poe vlanVLAN Provides Better Solution to Separate the Surveillance Network from Networks

It is highly recommended to keep surveillance network isolated from others in order to deliver a more stable performance.

AirLive websmart switch supports two types of VLANs: Port Based VLAN and Tag Based VLAN (802.11Q), allowing users to separate surveillance network from other networks easier.

VLAN is a technology for segmenting networks into multiple distinct domains and dividing network users into logical groups. Only the users in a specific group are capable of exchanging data or accessing certain resources on that network. If a network video system is segmented into a VLAN, only the servers located on that VLAN can have the access to the network cameras. VLANs normally provide a better and more cost-efficient solution than a separate network requires extra expense on additional hardware and installing new cabling. (Separate network as: data network and surveillance network separate.)

Prioritize the Network Traffic & Ensure the Network Bandwidth (QoS)
In order to ensure that there is sufficient bandwidth available for surveillance devices, users are able to set the priority for specific ports on the switch. For example, connections to network cameras and storage servers should be set at higher priority while others such as desktop, email, FTP, HTTP, ect. can be set for low priority, making sure that the bandwidth is available for critical video surveillance.

airlive poeEfficient Remote Management

For management efficiency, Airlive PoE web smart switch allows the MIS or surveillance administrator to reboot or disable/enable PoE power, IP camera and Access Point remotely.

Long Distance connection between switch by using Fiber Optical

AirLive GSH2004L-370, FSH1008AT offers 4UTP/SFP combo and 2 combo ports boasting high-performance switch architecture for long distance.

AirLive web smart Switch, with its build-in SFP slot, is able to be connected with Fiber in a distance up to 80km.

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