AirLive PoE Device Guard Series Provide Intelligent Connection

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airlive PoEAirLive PoE Device Guard Series provide intelligent connection and ensure surveillance performance.

AirLive, one of the most advanced worldwide brands for networking and communication equipments, introduced Airlive PoE switch series can automatically detect the presence of an 802.3at/af compliant powered device (PD) and provide power through the port. Airlive switch provides up to 30W per PoE port and can be used to power AP, IP phone, IP Cam and other PD devices. Airlive PoE switch equipped with high Power AC/DC power module , it does not require external Power adapter and can power up to 24 PoE devices for PoE-GSH2004L-370 with maximum 370W of power totally, and 8 Port PoE devices for PoE-GSH2004L-370 with maximum 130W of power.

Device Guard Switch is the switches which will automatic re-power the PoE IP cameras or Access Point, when the switch detects that IP cameras or Access Point is not working.

airlive PoETo provide intelligent connection guard to benefit the enterprise customers with the reduce labor costs option. At most cases, IP-cameras and access points are located in places that are not easy to reach after initial installation. Device Guard Switch monitors the IP cameras or access points by their IP or packet status and will automatically re-power a device when a non-responsive status is detected. Both wireless and surveillance networks run smoothly without extra technician manually support. Labor Costs can be reduced by cutting the number of employees hired within the security room.

Separate the Surveillance Network from Networks
When a network surveillance system is designed, it is better to keep the network separate from other networks for security as well as performance reasons. At first glance, the obvious choice would be to build a separate network.
However, sometime it is more difficult to deploy another network when users already have network infrastructure for non-surveillance system because the cost for installation and maintenance of extra network infrastructure is expensive.
In this situation, we would suggest users to Airlive Switch’s VLAN technology to separate the surveillance network and non-surveillance network

airlive PoEVLAN is a technology for virtually segmenting networks. It can be achieved by dividing network users into logical groups. Only users in a specific group are capable of exchanging data or accessing certain resources on the network. If a network video system is segmented into a VLAN, only the servers located on that VLAN can access the network cameras. VLANs normally provide a better and more cost-efficient solution than a separate network.

Airlive websmart switch support have two types of VLANs , Port Based VLAN and Tag Based VLAN (802.11Q), it allows users to separate network easier.

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