Airlive IVS IPcam heralded a highlight of Computex 2013

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Airlive showcased its latest surveillance networking solutions and innovative products, including facial recognition and detection technology, at Computex 2013 in Taipei, Taiwan.

On their stand Airlive showed  its latest solutions, such as a facial recognition and detection IVS IPcam, speed domes, fisheye IPcams, 5 and 3 megapixel IPcams, cloud viewing IPcam, megapixel IPcam, and 802.3at PoE switches.

Airlive IVS IPcamAirlive’s major demo theme for the stand was facial-recognition & detection by IVS IPcam (BU-3026-IVS) setting as an enhancement at the entrance of all private buildings, such as: offices, factories, VIP areas, and high-security rooms.

Visitors or staff could step in front of the IVS IPcam to scan their face before entering a particular monitored area. The face-recognition & detection by IVS IPcam (BU-3026-IVS) is able to help trace the video recording easily with less load on the system to increase the system’s efficiency.

According to the company, during the Computex 2013 trade event, the debut of the IVS IPcam has already attracted a great deal of attention from the visitors and was one of the highlights of the show.

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